Runway Report- Dose of Bridal Grandeur Welcomed on Day1

Posted on September 30, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

Doors to the world of couture and dazzling bridals opened on Wednesday with Pakistani bridal fashion reaching heights of opulence. Different designers gave their unique touches amalgamating a variety of fabrics, diving in different colour palettes, cuts and presenting fine workmanship. Day one’s line-up was promising with HSY opening the show powerfully this time around. Brides&You was on the lookout and here’s what caught our attention on the first day:


The King of Couture, HSY, who showcased four capsule collections took us back in time and delivered truly traditional bridals. Off the four, it was the last segment, Sheristan (a woman who is the sher or queen) that stood out most. Intricate gold work on gharars and voluminous silhouettes strutted the ramp. HSY has always had a thing for red bridals and his last segment clearly represented that he knew how to play with the colour red and do justice to it. Shades of red and gold sizzled the runway, bringing old school charm back. Adding the extra oomph to the ensembles were his jamawaar and velvet shawls- a welcome addition to the bridals that has been missing for the last few years.

One of our favorites from his collection was a deep plum and black bridal that exuded royal feels. It’s jamawaar shawl embellished heavily on all four sides was intricate and beautiful, creating a striking combination.

Sania Maskatiya

Her ‘August Dream’ collection is perhaps one of the most heavily embellished one till date. The designer is known for luxury pret, formals and semi-formal lines. The collection was dominated by pastel colours and cuts were a mixture of modern and traditional silhouettes.

The collection featured very feminine designs- lots of florals, regal motifs and sequins (styles that have been reigning over the bridal industry for quite some time.) It is bound to attract a large clientele and perfect looks for day weddings and walima wear was exhibited.

Bank Alfalah Rising Talent 

The rising talent show featured capsule presentations by three designers and although they are new in the field, only one had a little impact- Sara Naqvi. There was confusion with one of the designer’s jelly fish inspired theme and none of her ensembles remotely resembled Pakistani bridal wear.
Sara Naqvi’s collection was inspired from the Mughal era and her designs were quite noticeable.

Saira Shakira
A very young brand, their collection ‘Zohra’ once again proved that the talented dynamic duo will continue making waves in the industry. Their refined choice of fabrics like tissue, organza and tulle brought sleek, versatile looks to the flowy gowns that were embellished with embroidery, beading, floral appliqués and more.

The colour palette featured muted pastels with hints of golds and reds and cuts were mostly long and voluminous with the occasional sighting of pants. Hadiqa Kiani participated in the designer’s showcase as a celebrity showstopper.

House of Kamiar Rokhni

The one who emerged the strongest and left the audience with a truly visual delight was the design trio from the House of Kamiar Rokhni. As the collection name suggests ‘Heritage’- it took us back to an era when bright colors, ornate handcrafted creations, gota work and rich fabrics were a must for a bridal trousseau.

The collection was inspired from the traditional Pakistani wedding that held various events and we basically saw ensembles that brides could wear on the engagement, mayun, dholkis, mehndi, shaadi right down to the valima.

The balance between playful grandeur and modern allure was kept alive and House of Kamiar Rokhni ended the day with a bang!

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