Match Made In Heaven-Tehmina and Khaled Anum 17 September 1994

When did you get married and how old were the two of you?

Khaled: We got married on September 17, 1994. I was 34 and Tehmina was 26.

Was your marriage an arranged one or not?

Khaled: Love all the way!

How and where did you meet?

Khaled: We met each other for the first time at Tehmina’s house. I had gone there to meet her parents for some work.

Tehmina: Our first encounter was quite filmy!

What made you two decide that you were perfect for each other?

Khaled: We were and are the best of friends. What could be a better reason to stick around!

One thing you remember about your wedding day?

Khaled: I could not make my Sehra stay on, no matter how much I struggled to do so.

Tehmina: What I remember is that my Gharara’s weight was probably in tons with all the intricate Zardozi work on it. I could hardly walk in it. It was heavier than my body weight at that time, which was just 40kg.

One thing you wish you could have added to the ceremony:

Khaled: I wish that my mom and dad would have been alive and could have been a part of it.

Tehmina: A jora from Bunto Kazmi and a jhoomar from Tapu Javeri.

What was the wedding night gift for the bride?

Tehmina: In Madras we call it a Poth….some might call it a mangal sutra.

Where did you have your honeymoon? Who decided on the place and why?

Khaled: It was Lahore and Dubai. We had a couple of days work there so we thought we might as well stick around for a few more days. After that we went to Dubai.

What was the one perfect moment of your honeymoon?

Tehmina: We thoroughly enjoyed going to the fort and the museum and of course having murgh cholas in Lahore. Going to a night club in Dubai in the Hyatt, where our names were displayed on LED screens to welcome us as newly wedded couple was a lot of fun. The band dedicated a song to us as well.

What was the most embarrassing moment during your honeymoon?

Khaled: I cannot recall any.

A favourite activity that the two of you enjoyed on your honeymoon?

Tehmina: Just talking and each other’s company.

What was the most shocking thing about him which you discovered on the honeymoon?

Tehmina: He likes to sleep in pitch dark.

What was the most shocking thing about her that you discovered on the honeymoon?

Khaled: She was nicer than I thought.

The one thing you would change if you had the chance about your honeymoon?

Khaled: Nothing.

Tehmina: Destinations.

Who gives in first when you fight?

Khaled: I, me and myself alone… from the mouth of Khaled Anam!

Tehmina: Khaled of course.

What is your song?

Khaled: Tum bin jaon kahan ke duniya main aa ke…

Tehmina: Hou tamana aur kya jaaney tamana aap hain…

The first movie you saw as a couple? How did you like it?

Tehmina: Musafir (Indian). It was just fine.

The one relative or friend of your spouse whom you simply cannot tolerate and why?

Khaled: Very funny question which cannot be answered!

Tehmina: Just one? Well!

The one relative or friend of your spouse whose company you enjoy the most, and why?

Khaled: I enjoy all of them.

Tehmina: I particularly enjoy the younger generation…Khaled’s nieces and nephews.

Favorite activity as a couple now

Tehmina: We love traveling, watching movies, reading, gossiping and especially enjoy hot debates on politics and religion.

Which was the best time of your life? Before marriage? The honeymoon or now? Or still waiting? Other?

Khaled: The best time is now and there’s more to come.

Any special memories incidents you would like to share?

Tehmina: When both our sons came into our lives, they were just very special moments and the time period of their upbringing has been one which we both cherish always.

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