Faysal and Sana’s Romantic Tale Happily Ever After

Faysal Qureshi is a Film and TV actor, a model and a TV show host. Here’s an insight into this well-loved star’s married life with his wonderful wife Sana Faysal.

When did you get married?

Faysal: We got married in 2010.

Was your marriage an arranged one or not?

Faysal: It was semi arranged and semi love.

How and where did you meet?

Faysal: We met at a friend’s wedding.

What made you two decide that you were perfect for each other?

Faysal: I was absolutely sure she is the one for me, after only a few interactions.

One thing you remember about your wedding day?

Sana: We got married in a very simple manner during Ramzan hence the month of Ramzan is the only thing I remember about it.

One thing you wish you could have added to the ceremony:

Sana: There is nothing I wish that could have been added to the ceremony. It was absolutely perfect the way it was.

What was the wedding night gift for the bride?

Faysal: I gifted her a diamond set.

Where did you have your honeymoon? Who decided on the place and why?

Faysal: Our honeymoon was actually more like a semi honeymoon. I was going to shoot in Malaysia where she accompanied me. So I worked for 15 days and then we vacationed for 10 days.

What was the one perfect moment of your honeymoon?

Faysal: There are lots of them actually. We enjoyed our honeymoon a lot.

A favourite activity that the two of you enjoyed on your honeymoon?

Sana: Definitely shopping! We did a lot of it during our honeymoon.

What was the most shocking thing about her that you discovered on the honeymoon?

Faysal: I ended up discovering that she speaks very little.

What was the most shocking thing about him that you discovered on the honeymoon?

Sana: I found out that Faysal talks quite a lot all the time.

The one thing you would change if you had the chance about your honeymoon?

Faysal: Timings. Wish we could have had more time.

Who gives in first when you fight?

Faysal: I do!

What is your song?

Sana: I cannot associate a particular song with us. There are many.

The first movie you saw as a couple? How did you like it?

Faysal: Taken 1. We liked it a lot.

The one relative or friend of your spouse whose company you enjoy the most, and why?

Faysal: I get along with my wife’s sisters a lot. We hang out a lot in London and have a great time together.

Favorite activity as a couple now?

Sana: We have kids now and all activities around them are most enjoyable.

Which was the best time of your life? Before marriage? The honeymoon or now? Or still waiting? Other?

Faysal: I am grateful because we are happily settled Masha Allah and have fun all the time. So the best time is always here and now!

Any special memories incidents you would like to share?

Faysal: When my daughter Ayat was born, that is a time which we miss a lot. It was a very joyous time because my wife’s pregnancy was very difficult and Ayat is very precious.

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