Pan Fried Red Snapper Cashew Nuts


Red snapper fillet                             500grammes

Garlic, chopped                                10  grammes

Onion, cube cut                                15  grammes

Mushroom, sliced                            15  grammes

Carrot, sliced                                      15  grammes

Red chilli powder                             9    nos

Green bell pepper, cube cut          15  grammes

Cashew nuts, roasted                     15  grammes

White pepper                                   5    grammes

Oyster sauce                                     10  ml

Water                                                 25  ml

Sugar                                                  10  grammes

Sugar sauce                                       10  ml

Cabbage, sliced                                 15  grammes

Carrot                                                 10  grammes

Lettuce                                               10  grammes



    1. Heat cooking oil in a pan, add garlic and fry till golden brown.


    1. Add onion, mushroom, carrot, red chilli powder, bell pepper, cashew nuts and white pepper. Mix and cook for five minutes on a low flame.


    1. Add oyster sauce, water, sugar and soya sauce. Cook for five minutes.


    1. In another pan, heat oil to fry the fish till golden brown.


    1. Mix and serve hot.


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