Totkay: Handy Tips

Posted on December 29, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

If your hair is dry and lacks shine, take a tablespoon of mayonnaise and massage it in the hair. Wash it after 15 to 20 mins. It will give your hair the required nourishment.

For a glowing skin put three drops of white vinegar in yogurt and wash your face with it; your face will glow. Do it thrice a week.

In summers candles can be refrigerated before use, they last longer, and they do not loose their shape.

For a home-made facial mask, take 1 egg yolk plus ½ cup honey and mix it well. Apply this mask on your face for 15 mins and then wash it off. If the mixture is very thick put some milk in it.

While making jams at home, add a couple of lemon peels and simmer for five minutes for a delicious flavour.

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