BTS Brides & You Cover

Nooray remains in character while Shahzad checks the shot!

To celebrate our memorable 15 years in the industry, we really went all out to make this cover shoot and issue the best ever. And who else could have made it this majestic and magnificent other than Nilofer Shahid, the true guru and Empress of our fashion fraternity.

Nilofer & Shahzad (plus the entire team) very happy with the fruits of our hard labour!

What enriched each look making it ornamental was the incredible jewellery pieces by Sonica Jewellers. Never before had we seen such gorgeous, truly ‘Mughal’ themed jewellery. From the mathapattis to the panjaanglas, each piece looked like the re-creation of a glorious era of the past brought back to life.

Mehreen & Injila Team Brides & You

The setting for our cover shoot was a remarkably beautiful house which exuded the perfect tasteful look we were aiming for. Each corner was decorated with artistic objects that presented an antique touch, giving the whole shoot a grand feel.

Ather & Shahzad worked their magic on the beautiful Nooray Bhatti, who looked regal in every shot. In our cover shot, Ather expertly captured the sunlight seeping through the large drawing room curtains enhancing the depth of the shot.
Team work is after all team work!

Nilofer Shahid is known for the rich, old-world traditional bridals but her latest collection has a mix of both contemporary and traditional ensembles. “This collection is very diverse with some garments very Western, more French,” says Nilofer. “We have rich sapphire, burgundy tones with corals and gold.”

Nilofer looking elegant and graceful as always!

From the location to the designer, makeup artist, jeweller, photographer and model, everything was meticulously planned down to the finest details. We hope you like our 15th anniversary issue and our most interesting shoot till date.

Ameena (Brides & You) with Shazia
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