Grace Jewellers As The No. 1 Choice For These 5 Reasons

Every bride wants to look their best on the most special occasion of their life. This involves finding the perfect dress, having a great makeup artist and of course, jewellery that shines and compliments the dress.

Since South Asian weddings are very colorful, vibrant and extravagant, the brides overall attire is also one that exudes grandeur. Adorning the right jewellery plays an important part in projecting this luxurious look and today, we recommend a coveted jewellery brand- Grace Jewellers to all brides.

Grace Jewellers is a family owned and operated company-doing business in Lahore since 1985. Offering a variety of stunning designs and bridal sets that instantly caught our attention, here is why we highly recommend Grace Jewellers for your wedding day and other special occasions:

1) Time tested and experienced

Jewellery items are everlasting and pass on for generations. Thus, when choosing jewellery, one must always go for a jeweller that has a solid repute and known for fair client dealings. With Grace Jewellers, this is not a problem. This is an ancestral business, with a family tree of jewellery makers panning over 500 years! The chain opened in Lahore in 1985 and since then, the brand has established a prominent name and reputation in the industry with two stores – one on Mall road and the other in Mall of Lahore.

2) A lot of scrutiny, hard work and hours are put into each jewellery piece

Jewellery is a difficult item to produce and unless it is meticulously sketched and crafted down to the minute details, it won’t give you the desired look.

At Grace Jewellers, first a basic sketch of the design is made and then their team of high-skilled craftsmen start work on it. After a great deal of scrutiny and meetings over a design, pieces are either hand made or manufactured using computer aided technology.

3) Jewellery sets come in contemporary and traditional styles

 Mostly Grace Jewellers take their inspiration from objects of nature and their work also leans towards Victorian jewellery and sub-continental art.

Some sets are very ethereal exuding and keeping alive an old world charm. Their current collection that they showcased in PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was a tribute to Princess Diana. They recreated some jewels of the Princess with a Pakistani touch in real gems like Sapphire, Emerald, Ruby and Pearls.

4) Their collection is unique and comes in usually 22 and 21 Karat gold

Apart from stunning designs that are aesthetically appealing, their sets are sturdy too. Sometimes, gems are loosely set and fall but with Grace Jewellers, you’ll hardly face this issue.

Moreover, considering jewellery trends, the company manufactures jewellery designs for all age groups. From light bridal weight to heavy traditional settings, they have a vast variety of all available.

5) Superb customer care, service and loyalty

Grace Jewellers have retained solid client relationships over generations. Most are full of praise and have had a great experience because of the cooperative and friendly staff. Their hospitality has won the hearts of many and their variety of designs in affordable prices are what brings customers back to them.

The stores also always have amazing deals on discounted prices available.

Hence, try Grace Jewellers, you won’t be disappointed!

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