Summer Prettification Routine By Redah Misbah

One of the youngest and most professional makeup artists in Pakistan; Redah Misbah is taking our beauty industry to a higher level. This energetic and zealous girl is a beauty salon in herself. Here are some tips and products for your summer prettification routine by Redah.

Make a perfect pout

  1. Exfoliate you lips with Master Colours lip exfoliater.
  2. Start by using a lip primer (my favourite these days is the Urban Decay Lip Primer Potion with SPF15) and line you lips with a nude pencil.
  3. Use a lip brush to fill with the lip colour you choose, I am addicted to Rouge Allure in Darling by Channel. Lastly apply a dollop of clear gloss in the middle of you bottom lip and smack you lips together lightly to distribute the shine, this gives the illusion of fuller lips.
  4. You can replace the gloss with a lip plumper like.

Pamper your hair and skin – desi style!

The best homemade body scrub; grate fresh ginger and mix an equal amount of coconut oil, add a hand full of raw sugar and warm for 5 minutes. The sugar acts as an exfoliator and the ginger as a stimulant, increasing blood circulation and resulting in fresh glowing skin.

  1. Mix a teaspoon of honey and yoghurt when you feel your skin is getting oily apply as mask for 10 minutes. Perfect for the summer time.
  2. To soothe irritated skin make a paste of crushed aloe vera leaves.
  3. Alum, commonly found looks like a small piece of quartz, dampen it and rub it on your T-zone to prevent white heads.
  4. Warm a bit of sweet almond oil and apply to the ends of your hair to make them stronger.

Nail spa at home

  1. Start by removing nail polish. Try Cutex essential care, i find it a bit less harsh. Cut and file your nails to the desired length and shape.
  2. Apply a cuticle cream or oil, OPI makes nice ones. Soak your hands in warm water (those soften to cuticles) I always add some moisturizing bath salts.
  3. Use a hoof stick to push back cuticles and avoid cutting them. Apply a scrub and rub your hands together in a circular motion. Nothing can replace the Gilden Tree scrub for me.
  4. This is my favourite part, massage in some Gilden Tree shea butter on your hands and wrap with a towel. Leave in for 5 minutes and then take off, this really softens my skin.
  5. Wipe your hand with a damp towel and apply a base coat, followed by your choice of nail colour and seal with a top coat for lasting results.

Say no to oily hair in summers

In a county where the temperature hits 50 degrees and the humidity is unbearable; greasy hair is hard to avoid. Since you can’t be washing your hair two times a day Dry Shampoo by Label.M is the answer to your prayers! Spray some in on your roots; this will absorb the oil as soon as it is released. Alternatively use Deep Cleansing shampoo by Label M.

  1. Rinse your hair with vinegar followed by a fruity shampoo to get rid of the smell. Vinegar contains tannic acid which is a natural astringent.
  2. A healthy diet is the key to controlling oily skin and hair. Avoid fatty, oily foods and replace them with lean proteins and leafy greens. Always remember water is the cheapest beauty product.

5 ways to achieve a natural glow

  1. Cleanse, tone and moisturise twice a day. I can swear by this regime.
  2. Do not leave the house without sun block.
  3. Exfoliate once a week to rid yourself of the layers of dead skin cells. Try Gommage by Guinot.
  4. No matter how tired you are always remove your make-up before you sleep.
  5. You can fake a natural glow also; always use a primer, try a dewy foundation and use Bobby Browns shimmer brick in rose to highlight your cheek bones.

Redah’s top summer essentials

  1. Heat Protection Spray by Label.M.
  2. Guinot’s sun care range.
  3. Chubby stick by Clinique in every colour.
  4. Voile de Blush no1 by YSL.
  5. Oil blotting papers by Neutrogena.
  6. Oxygenating hair treatment by Guinot.
  7. Gilden Tree pedicures.
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