Hifsa’s Beauty Guide By Hifsa Saad Khan

Posted on March 9, 2017 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

The Perfect Look For Your Big Day

Hifsa Khan Salon & Studio provides the highest quality of hair, makeup and bridal services including latest practices, styles and innovative techniques of international level. Their team of experienced and highly committed artists are professionals who create exceptional personal style with attention to the skin type and health of hair, delivering clients the latest looks from simple and functional to inspiring and edgy. They work with the client’s style, encouraging individuality. With their experience and training, the team provides each client with all the elements to celebrate a unique look. The salon can be contacted on 0300 4564561 for details and information.

Here is a guide that you need for the preparation time leading up to your perfect wedding day.

General Protocol

Real beauty is generated from the inside. If you want to look your best, some basics need your top priority. Taking your beauty sleep on time, proper balanced diet, necessary vitamins and proper exercise should be an important part of your days before the big day. Do not attempt to use unnecessary beauty products. Always consult your skin specialist if unsure.

Wedding Dress

The highlight of your special day- try not to get caught up in the trend of the day; focus on your personal style. Do not copy but think of your figure, complexion and colours that suit you. If the dupatta is too heavy it will take a toll on your whole evening. Go for a lighter material. When you feel glamorous in a dress that has both modern and traditional elements, you have found your timeless dress.


Brides go for trends, rather than expressing with their own unique style. Your jewellery should be a break from your dress. Decide the kind of bride you want to be- traditional or modern, and then plan your jewellery. Design of jewellery should suit your face shape. Round earrings would not go with a round face; a matha patti would go well with a broader forehead.

Hair Styling

Smudged makeup can be fixed with relative ease, but frizzy, flat or flyaway hair is a different story. So be prepared. A demo with your beautician before the due date is a must. You may be pleasantly surprised if you keep an open mind to suggestions of what your beautician has to offer. They can give you insight about what would go well with the combo of face shape and hair type you have.


Your wedding day is the most photographed day of your life and you would not want to look anything less than perfect or else the pictures will haunt you for the rest of your life. The demo will save you the trouble of being shocked on your wedding day. Your beautician is not a magician, if you will explain to her with a reference picture, it would be easier to make her understand the exact thing since there is no specific language of makeup. The idea is to look like yourself, just defined and improved. It would be a setback for a bride to look at her pictures afterwards and not recognizing the girl in them. It is understandable that girls caught up in that spell of the wedding end up doing way more than what they need, and it ends up being too much.

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