‘Modest Wear’ by Naveen Noorudin

Naveen Noorudin launches “Modest Wear”, a collection of colourful Abayas.


Naveen Noorudin launched her collection by the name of ‘Modest Wear” in Defence Phase 1, Lahore.


“Modest Wear’, as the name suggests is a collection of colourful Abayas. Naveen is of the view that most often Abayas that are found in stores here in Pakistan are black, portraying a morbid and dull image. She tells us that she wants to bring about a revolution in the thinking process of the young generation. She implores to change the typical philosophy behind women covering themselves. A woman can dress modestly as well as look good. Why is it that wearing an abaya should necessarily bring about the picture of a woman who spreads the message of restriction and something dark? She came up with the idea of coloured abayas in an effort to make religion appeal to the young crowd. She stands as an inspiration for them. You don’t essentially have to wear minimal clothing to look good. You can look good in head to toe cover as well and that does not mean that you have to look unpleasant.



She does not want us as Muslims to forget our identity. The prophet (pbuh) described women as precious pearls and pearls are covered and concealed. She feels that the moral motivation for the youth is lacking. And she wants to bring about all intellectuals and learned people onto one platform who can understand the core values and hence help to bring about a positive change in the society.


Beenish Mahmood has a Masters in English Literature and has experience in the field of Magazine Journalism. In past she has worked for the National Daily Pakistan Today.

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