Oil its Beauty Benefits

Even years ago oil was beneficial in the world of beauty and health. Fast forward to 2017 and now we can’t imagine our daily routine without it. Come along and discover how oil benefits the body from head to toe! Here are the variety of ways in which you could use oil for a number of reasons all over the body:

·      Healthy teeth and gums = Sesame oil

·      Hair Growth =hibiscus oil, bringraj oil, coconut oil.

·      Eyebrow & Eyelash Growth =  castor oil

·      Detox skin = coconut oil

·      Acne Prone Skin –teatree oil

·      Hand & Cuticle Moisturizer = almond oil

·      Soft Feet = olive oil

So these are a few simple and convenient remedies to improve your beauty! Apply them to affected areas and see the difference for yourself.

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