Eid Across the Globe

After an entire month of fasting and worshipping Allah, Eid comes as a reward for Muslims who celebrate it with a fervor and delight that is unmatchable. Let us look into the different ways Eid is celebrated across the world.


In Bangladesh people celebrate EidulFitr with much enthusiasm. Pre-Eid parties are held, known as daawats. Preparation of food to be eaten on Eid day begins several days in advance. Biryani (a spicy rice dish with meat), kababs, and numerous sweets, such as shemai (a vermicelli milk pudding), kaalo jam (fried dough balls in syrup), payesh (a rice milk pudding), and doi (sweet yogurt), are made.  People living in the large cities, such as Dhaka and Chittagong, travel back to their home villages to spend Eid with close family members. Eid prayers are held in large, open fields known as Eidgahs. Men and women wear traditional clothes. Men wear Punjabi pyjama whilst women wear shalwaar kameez or saarees.


In Malaysia, Eid al-Fitr is known as Hari Raya Aidilfitri. The day before Eid, Malaysian households are often very busy, preparing a number of dishes such as ketupat (rice cakes in coconut leaves) and lemang (rice in coconut milk cooked in bamboo). On Eid day men wear bajumelayu and women wear bajukurung, traditional clothes of Malaysia. In Malaysia people hold open house where friends, neighbours, relatives are welcome to visit. So this is how EidulFitr is celebrated in different parts of the world. The zeal and fervor with which it is celebrated is no less but the traditions vary from place to place.

United States of America

In the US, Eid is celebrated a bit differently than in Muslim majority regions. The celebration is influenced by diverse cultures. Usually Muslims set up Eid Bazaars where shopping for Eid such as outfits, henna, bangles etc can be done. On Chaand Raat festivities such as music, singing are held to celebrate the sighting of the Eid moon.

On Eid morning Eid namaaz is held in parks, stadiums, convention centers and hotels to accommodate large crowds. Community mosques hold Eid carnivals with various rides, rock climbing and festival food. Families have a hearty breakfast or go to restaurants to eat.

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