The perks of having an interesting Instagram life!

And why I should not feel bad about it?

How many times have you gone online after a hard day’s labor – (yes working full time at home counts too) only to find out your social media feed full of people with their perfect hair, going through their perfect lives. Well, social media was created as a tool to help people socialize better. It is, however, quickly becoming a cause of serious anxiety, frustration and depression among millennials.

Ask us how:

Recently, as we scrolled down our Instagram feed, we couldn’t keep our fingers from double tapping and hearting very inspirational and sensational photos. There was a photo of a baby being smothered with kisses that sent a warm feeling to the heart; an inspirational quote gave us the feeling we could be the next Oprah, and then a couple of Fashionistas swaying their “oh so expensive” designer bags!

And they looked great! I mean, don’t we all want to be in Paris or Milan or Dubai and get ourselves pictured trotting on the boardwalk in Chanel sandals and Fendi shades?  So, we have put together some examples of us versus the social media fashionistas.


This topped our list. To see our favourite fashionista #wakinguplikethis with 700 plus hearts and countless comments. While we, on the other hand, always never wake up like this.


Week 4 of ninja style Instagram stalking and we found out our favourite fashionistas hang out with our favourite celebs with the hashtags, #nonewfriends While we were stood up by our besties for the umpteenth time L #lifesucks! 


While we toil under the intense June heat in Pakistan, looking haplessly at the UPS dying on us, our favourite fashionistas are in Bahamas or streetwalking towards their lunch/coffee place in Knightsbridge. (google it up to see where it is)

#dinneratzuma (replace it with any other Michelin star restaurant)

Hmm, so is it the same bhindi and aloo palak for you made by ammi dearest? Because, far far away in a land of #lifeisperfect our favourite hotshot fashonistas are partying it up at yet another high profile dinner.


And this one, by far takes the cake! After days of hard work of having to dress up in the latest dresses, shoes, bags, watches and shades (read #whatnot), here we find the object of our stalking, stepping inside a mall (preferably in UAE), with a serious look of determination #shoppingonmymind. Seriously, girls, we also would love to have that sense of purpose in our lives!

We love the glamour and the details of a real snazzy lifestyle but it’s important for people of our generation to understand that not everyone’s rich, paid and successful, especially when you are broke and just trying to make it! Similarly, social media is a way of ‘socialising’ and making friends with people in an increasingly shrinking global village, not of an increasing difference between the ‘haves’ and the ‘have nots.’  It’s ok not to have an interesting “Instagram life”.

So long.

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