Awesomeness of the fabulous Awesamosas

Awesamosa, a samosa bar, the first of its kind recently opened it’s doors to the public. It is located in the H-block, Phase 5, DHA in a corner of the HKB express market.

The PR was managed by Aden Rehan PR (ARPR). Special thanks to Momal and Mahnoor who were welcoming and very helpful.

The bar was the brainstorm of Danial and Seema who are partners as well as relatives. This is the second branch they have opened. The first one is located in Cavalry Ground. When asked how they came up with the idea, Seema said, “We lahoris love food. We are foodies and so this inspired us to bring out something new for the public, something creative.”

The menu revolves around the desi samosa. The samosa is the main dish. For example there is cheesy aloo samosa, meetha samosa, samosa with icecream and drinks such as a mixture of lassi and pina colada. The whole concept is to introduce a fusion of eastern and western food. It is there to amuse the people by creating combinations that are different and daring. It offers the philosophy of ‘from snack to meal.’  So whilst one is eating a snack it is actually a full meal.

The décor was minimalistic yet elegant. There was a wooden plank serving as a resting place with stools around it for people to sit on and eat in peace whilst making a casual conversation. The idea is to have informal meetings with friends and at the same time to enjoy an inexpensive meal.

The duo Danial and Seema plan to expand their menu without changing the central idea. In the coming time they will introduce brunch, drinks and desserts. Moreover Seema said “We have more projects in the pipeline which we hope will be successful as well.”

Although located in the midst of a grocery store, the aroma and ambience created for the Awesamosa is great. A visit, therefore, is a must!

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