How to treat dry skin?

Posted on August 16, 2017 by Beenish Mahmood

The skin usually becomes dry in winter. One should look for the symptoms of dry skin such as irritation, redness, flaky and dull skin, itchiness and scaling, etc. Sometimes the skin gets so dry that it starts to bleed. This happens particularly on finger tips.

So what are the pre-cautions one must take against dry skin? The simplest solution is to keep your skin hydrated. Intense heat from the heater and cold wind cause the skin to become dehydrated. Also taking long showers with hot water will break down the skin’s natural protective oils. It is good to use a body lotion right after a shower on damp skin as it will seep and absorb in the body.

Avoid using anti- bacterial soaps and use mild soaps and cleansers in its place such as Dove or Aveeno. Drink plenty of water and keep bedding and the clothes you wear of breathable material. Also keep a humidifier in areas where there’s heating as heating can dry out the air in your home. Taking Omega-3s i.e. fatty acids in the form of walnuts, salmon, broccoli  which can also help keep skin supple.

If despite trying all these remedies your skin is still dry then see a dermatologist. You can get infection from scratching and develop other serious skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, etc.

Since dry skin is very sensitive the use of sun block is very important especially when it’s snowing and the sun is out. Apply SPF 15 or higher every-day to your face, ears and neck.

Although everyone’s skin changes with time, a man’s skin remains moist as compared with that of women whose skin after menopause becomes drier.

A flawless skin is a sign of beauty and creates confidence in a person, especially in a woman. So take care of your skin before it’s too late for any remedy to make it sparkle and shine.

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