Simran – the not so funny comedy

Rating: 6.5/10 (IMDB)

Run Time: 2 hrs 4min

Genre: Comedy

‘Simran’ is the story of Praful (Kangana Ranaut) a 30 year old divorcee living in Georgia with her middle class parents. She is a housekeeper by profession but through twists of fate gets entangled into gambling and is drawn to a life of crime. This leads her into a big mess. Praful lives her life according to her own rules and is not apologetic about her choices. The protagonist is a woman who portrays an admirable image. That is all good for the film. But the writing and production falters at points. Kangana’s screen presence is good but there is no other renowned actor to create interest. It worked well for ‘Queen’ but is not working so well here. Praful is titled ‘The Lipstick Bandit’ by the media and she manages to get away with plenty of heists in a comedy film which is not vastly funny.

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