Yaqeen Ka Safar – keeping audience hooked

Yakeen Ka Safar is one drama that has managed to keep its audience hooked from the word go. We’re liking the fact that the makers have paid attention to detail while not losing sight of the story. It is a Pakistani television series which is airing on Hum TV. It features Sajal Ali, Ahad Raza, Mir Shaz Khan and Hira Salman in leading roles, with Ehteshamuddin, Suhaee Abro and Farhan Ali Agha as supporting roles. It is an adaptation of the novel Who Yaqeen Ka Naya Safar written by Farhat Ishtiaq.

So basically, the story starts with Zubia Khalil who is a young girl griefing over her mother’s sudden death instigated by her father’s physical violence. She has an older sibling Rehan and his better half Sheema. Her dad Khalil has debilitated every one of them to keep their mouths shut about the reason for their mom’s demise. Khalil is an intense traditionalist individual who has unintentionally slaughtered his better half by slapping her since she defied him. The occurrence happened on the grounds that Zubia expected to visit her companion’s home for some errand and demanded her mom go with her. Her mom had been told by her dad not to leave the house. At the point when her dad found the occurrence, he slapped her so hard she went sprawling down and the back of her head hit the bed, slaughtering her in a flash. Zubia’s auntie Mahjabin lands at the time and consoles profoundly crushed Zubia.

The second storyline includes a family in Islamabad, where a family is commending their child Daniyal’s wedding with his cousin Gaiti. Daniyal is a youthful legal advisor who has as of late moved on from London and furthermore a greatly down to earth and genuine individual. Asfandyar is the younger sibling of Daniyal who might leave for Karachi for restorative examinations after his sibling’s wedding.

The third storyline includes Noori, a credulous young lady living in country town of Sindh. Noori is seized by a pastor’s child Jehangir Shah and deplorably group assaults her with his two companions. She is rescued the following day by a man who takes her to healing center where the specialist calls her family and tells them of the occurrence. After the episode, Noori’s family are embarrassed in town so Noori chooses to render retribution on Jehangir and his companions. She flees from her home and is found by and taken to Karachi by Rumana, an NGO woman. Rumana tells Daniyal about the Noori assault occurrence. Daniyal goes to Karachi, meets Noori and chooses to document a body of evidence against Jahangir Shah and his companions.

The story continues like this and nowadays its getting too intense. Up to now 24 episodes have come out. In the last episode it is focused more on Zubiya and her developing feelings for Asfand. And while we also got to see Asfand and his budding feelings for Zubiya this was the first time, we got a vision into what Zubiya was going through. We loved the way the emotions and feelings were expounded in this episode and it is amazing that it has turned into a love story and everything related to two people falling in love is being carried out so beautifully & convincingly.

All in all, Yakeen Ka Safar is a fascinating drama that has achieved to keep us hooked, due to its strong story line, unique concept and amazing execution.

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