Tracee Ellis Ross wore shoes that you could never expect

Nowadays wearing unexpected outfits has become a power move routinely by some of our favourite style stars. Whether it’s a unique sort of a dress or expertly curated accessories, this attention to detail is often what sets apart a seasoned eye from the rest. Tracee Ellis Ross recently demonstrated her fashion ability by pairing two totally different items together: SEQUINS and SNEAKERS. Yes, you heard us right!

Earlier this week, the actress put on a sparkly midi dress from her upcoming collab with JCPenney, and instead of teaming the look with platforms or heels (as one might expect), she chose to wear a pair of fresh white sneakers.

“I don’t really know that I believe in ‘don’ts,’” Ross told the media about styling advice while at the promotion. “I believe in people trusting what feels good to them and using their own authentic voice to discover how they should dress. Clothing can be an armor or a way to feel empowered or joyful, and that’s unique to everybody. A thing that works on one person doesn’t work on another, and that’s a good thing.” To which she added, “and I do believe in sequins during the day.”

The outcome of her final look for this standout pink piece was an ultra-cool demonstration of dressy-meets-casual, and proof that sequins can be worn anytime and anywhere you want to wear them.

Take a look at this unbelievable and unexpected presentation of style.

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