Pakistan L’Oreal Bridal Week 2017 Break Down

PLBW17 has just dropped the curtains and wrapped up the carpet. Being bridal couture police, we have our overview ready.

Day One

Gold by Reama Malik with Wasim Khan

Absolutely daring and versatile- Khan emphasized on silhouettes. Keeping the entire material plain with barely any confusion of colours coming into play. Jewellery by Reama Malik was clearly the star of the show. Each and every single piece by the designer spoke volumes about modern vision regarding bridal couture.

Shamsha Hashwani

Traditional designs on modern cuts, we loved Hashwani’s colour palette. These were not the colours you see every day, especially in a desi wedding. Pistachio green, plum and the white-wedding-perfect ivory – someone certainly got all the answers right.

Shiza Hasan

Hasan’s bridal collection was a pastel dream! Each piece stole our breath with the intricacy of its design and colours. If this is not what we see in each wedding we will attend this year, we will be very disappointed.

Ali Xeeshan Theatre Studio

The maestro comes with a bang, every single time. His designs are crazy and so is his style. Each model carried an upturned nest (or a really cool jellyfish). If there was one theme, we missed it. The designs did not coordinate which each other but every single design was certainly mind-blowing. Walking portraits, funky glasses and sleek silhouettes were the highlights.

Day Two

Jeem by Hamza Bokhari

Bokhari brought some really different and inspiring cuts. The line included some traditional muted red lehengas and some significantly daring pieces. Impressive!

Sara Rohale Asghar

Sara Asghar’s collection was every desi girl’s dream. Light gold was the popular choice of the line. The entire collection was a walking definition of why desi weddings are the best when it comes to fashion.

Ahmad Sultan

Peplum tops, mermaid skirts and everything silver – the cherry on top were the crowns (and Aima Baig of course). We loved the regal air the line carried.

Faiza Saqlain

Saqlains’s collection included stunning prints and intricate work. The palette made a statement and we loved it. We think Faiza really likes mustard yellow, and why wouldn’t she; it’s a gorgeous festive colour!

Sana Safinaz

The label Sana Safinaz never fails to make a statement. Keeping the palette limited to silvery blues and powder pink with silver embroidery and/or crystals – Sana Safinaz’ work has this royal oomph you can spot from miles away.

Misha Lakhani

Pastels, pastels, pastels and then some gold and maroon. Misha Lakhani brought a fresh angle to the plate – boxy cuts!


We have found a better colour combination than red and black: it’s bluish-grey and muted gold. Mahgul’s bridal collection contained everything the entire week missed. Very eccentric but traditional at the same time, Mahgul certainly experimented but right on money!

Sania Maskatiya

Those gossamer, filmy and very cloud-like skirts – what a sight! It’s a bit shocking that most of the designers had similar palette; same pastel colours with silver work. However, not one failed to impress us.

Day Three

Tabya Khan

Such a pretty, royal collection! All those ghararas stole our breath, so did Iman Ali as the showstopper. We have no complaints!

Ivy Couture by Shazia and Sehr

If there are three things pressing pausing on our heartbeats, they are: peplum tops, grey articles with blue, green and purple undertones, and Sabeeka Imam! Ivy Couture catered all three. Thank you.

Zuria Dor

The shades of red and green have never been put to better use. Dor’s modern take on lehenga and choli made us sit up and take notice. This collection is here to stay.

Farah & Fatima

Lehengas which you just have to have – Farah & Fatima’s line can be summed up like this. Heartbreakingly pretty designs and palette – we adore!

Nomi Ansari

We love how Nomi Ansari stays true to his floral style. No matter what show, what theme, you can count on Ansari to deliver some beautiful prints and figure flattering cuts. We love the consistency.

Saira Shakira

Keeping all the designs in ivory, silver and powder blue colors, Saira Shakira’s line was all about being glamorous. With every piece being unapologetically extra and dazzling, the line showed how bridals should be done.

Nickie Nina

Focusing on colours, Nickie Nina collection went from fun to majestic. Certainly one of the designers who stood out for being a little different this week, Nickei Nina have us dazzled!

Sadaf Fawad Khan

Something we have been anticipating for a long time, SFK’s collection can be defined in one word: elegant. The colour choice being somewhat western, SFK Bridals certainly brought something new to the table. We approve.

Fahad Hussayn

Work of art, we must say. Those headpieces made a statement which further blurred the lines between fashion and art. We are not complaining.

So, there you have it. This has definitely changed how we desis do weddings (or we hope so). Photography: Faisal Faruqui and Dragonfly

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