During winters sometimes we are in socks all day long and this is where our flip flops fail us. Also while traveling, shoes take space and care while packing. For most trips, we bring a pair of nice looking sandals, which are casual enough to act as a substitute for flip flops, comfortable enough to wear all day and chic enough to not look like bathroom slippers for a night out.

We did our research and landed on Birkenstock Madrid sandals, one of the first styles that the company ever designed. Birkenstocks tend to elicit images of frumpy looking clogs, but the brand has created some new styles and revived old ones.


Adjustable strap: The strap that crosses your foot is adjustable, which is great for when your feet swell on a plane or when you want to wear socks with them. We recommend wearing them tighter than you think you’ll need, as they stabilize your foot better.

Cork foot bed: This is a signature of Birkenstock shoes, providing arched support and shock absorption. The product description also claims that the sandal improves your circulation.

Large toe box: It doesn’t crowd your toes.


Multiple colours: Birkenstock makes Madrids in dozens of funky styles and colours, including metallics and prints. Black can be a safe neutral choice.

True to size: When you choose your size, know that it will be accurate, not too big or too small.

Lightweight and packable: These shoes are no more than 1 pound because of the cork material, making for an ideal travel shoe. They can also fold flat, saving valuable space in your bag.

Durable: Birkenstocks last for many years before showing wear and tear.


The breaking in process: Be aware that you can’t comfortably wear them straight out of the box. Like other types of shoes, specifically Rainbows- they have to be broken in and molded to fit your foot. This can be uncomfortable for some and prevents them from enjoying Birkenstocks. We recommend that you wear with them with socks around your house for a few days before you bring them on a trip.

Price: Priced around $30 USD, they’re not extremely cheap, but it’s better to spend more on shoes that will last rather than continually buying low quality footwear.

You can buy these amazing slide sandals online from Amazon, ebay and Nordstrom.

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