Saba Qamar’s Fall on Ramp PHBCW became the talk of social media

Do we not know how often models walking on the ramp have met with disasters? Of course we do. They have done everything from slipping, falling, having their bustiers come loose and fall off while walking the catwalk in a full house to managing to fall right off the high ramp down into the front row seats’ audience laps! But why do we talk so so long about this particular almost-mishap? The answer is simple- it is Saba Qamar- the darling of all the film industry fans!

Pantene HUM Bridal Couture Week was held last week in Lahore. Celebrities, socialites and all related to the fashion field turned up in large numbers. Many famous faces graced the ramp for different designers during the three days of the show. Saba Qamar walked for Umsha by Uzma Babar. During the walk, she slipped and she had a near miss of a fall. The social media was abuzz with how Saba Qamar’s confidence after twisting her foot and almost falling won many hearts. She got up gracefully, gave the audience a confident look, composed herself and continued with her walk.

She is known for being versatile and bold; she is one of the most prominent actresses of Pakistan. She is enchanting, multi-talented and most versatile. Her performance on ‘Bang Bang’ in the recently held Q Mobile HUM Awards in Karachi is being lauded as the best part of that star studded show. She has worked in several TV dramas and films and is a good fashion model as well.

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