Lahore Cafeteria: Perfect for the die hard Lahori foodies

Lahore is the city of die hard foodies. We love our food, we know our food, we are passionate about it and we do not compromise on its quality! In Lahore, it is difficult to break into and find footing in the restaurant business. That is the reason why Lahore Cafeteria caught our eye for doing so well in a city forever high on good food! A recent visit to the restaurant, located on Mall Road by our team brought some pleasant discoveries to light. Read on to find out what’s the reason behind the success story of Lahore Cafeteria (LC).

Entrepreneur Usman Qasim, co-owner of LC, has a degree in law from Hull University, UK. His partner and friend Rao Mazhar Ali Khan is a LUMS graduate.  They diversified into the food business after studying for completely different fields. LC is a darling place, nestled comfortably into one of the old buildings that the Mall is so famous for. Hence, upon entering the first thing you notice is the expanse of the restaurant and the old style construction with a beautiful floor. A spacious hall welcomes you and offers comfortable seating at tables which are not crowded together.

Buffet is an option which most LC regulars opt for, for a quick bite during lunch break. Aroma of fresh barbeque being prepared outside, fills up your senses as you try to decide what to eat and what to leave for next time. The buffet offers the traditional variety of salads, Pakistani cuisine items such as biryani, daal, saag, various types of Chicken, Chinese entrées and some not very fancy desserts, which are alright for those students and office going people who are short of time but still know where to find some delicious food.

The menu offers a large variety of dishes and you can find them all on the facebook page of Lahore Cafeteria, but from what we tried we highly recommend the saag and well the naans were to die for! They seemed to have been prepared with a dough kneaded in butter perhaps… we didn’t have time from munching and taking complete delight in the taste to ask what made the naans of LC so special but trust us, they were one of the best ones we have had in Lahore.

Barbeque was good and a must try. We also had a taste of their pizza, which tasted quite fresh but the Chicken with Cashew Nuts served with Egg Fried rice was something we can go back for again and again. If you are in the mood for a burger, you can try the LC Special Chicken burger and you won’t be disappointed.

The restaurant is open from 11 am to 10 pm Monday to Saturday and remains closed on Sundays which is the only sad part about LC. I mean what if we felt like nibbling on some yummy Chicken Seekh Kebabs on a Sunday night?

Now comes the most interesting part about LC: the prices will surprise you. For the kind of seating arrangement that they offer, where families with women and children feel completely comfortable and the kind of quality and variety of food that they serve, the place feels very economical and highly affordable. I think that, it is this competitive price range that has become the reason for the rapid rise in the popularity of this place and has given it its unique edge.

They deliver all over Lahore and they are just a call away but we recommend that if you really want to taste the food it all its glory, you must at least once make the effort to get to the actual place. Here’s a link to their page where you can explore:

Keep eating healthy and yummy. Bon appétit!

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