Secrets to winning the Battle against Acne

Posted on January 2, 2018 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

Acne has a tendency to show up at the worst time. Find out all you should know about its treatment in easy ways.

Do you have whiteheads?
When you are not exfoliating and scrubbing off dead skin this happens- they pile up on the skin’s surface and block pores, which leads to a buildup of oil and hence the whiteheads.

Do you have reddish pimples?
These breakouts are caused by hormonal imbalance when you are stressed and you have excessive oil. They can also be linked to your menstrual cycle.

Over-the-counter treatments
Mild, non-hormonal breakouts can easily be managed. Apply a treatment with two percent salicylic acid, which exfoliates. You can also switch to a daily cleanser with at least 0.5 percent salicylic acid.

See a dermatologist
If your zits last more than eight weeks, consult with a dermatologist. Scarring can be avoided if you treat acne early.

Stronger topical products
In addition to starting you on a benzoyl peroxide cleanser regimen, you may be given a combination of other treatments. Ask your doctor to ensure that it does not make you more sun-sensitive or dries your skin. If skin is irritated stop immediately.

High tech remedies
Dermatologists may offer high-tech remedies such as the ones which use suction to deep-cleanse pores. A light pulse is used to kill the bacteria that causes acne and redness. You can find out about them at your local dermatologist or skin treatment clinics.

Hormones regulation
If your acne is the hormonal type no product that you apply on the skin will make any difference. Many women are given birth-control pills that can help clear up skin. Estrogen and progestin help suppress testosterone and prevent breakouts.

Eat healthy
If you love pizza with extra cheese, then you are not going to like this! Studies prove that cutting back on dairy can improve acne. It includes all milk products as well as sugary delights!

Don’t pick your zits
Trying to burst your pimple is a major skin crime. It can spread bacteria, cause additional breakouts and lead to scarring. But if you absolutely must then here’s how to cope: Dab the area with any good sterile solution to disinfect it, then apply an antibiotic cream or ointment which will fight bacteria and help the spot heal.

Get rid of blackheads
If you have acne, chances are pretty good that you also tend to get blackheads. They are caused by oil and debris that has darkened within clogged pores. Start exfoliating with two percent or less salicylic acid or glycolic and lactic acids every morning. Let it sit for about a minute on damp skin in order to give the acid time to do its thing, then rinse. Don’t use your fingers to get a blackhead out. After you shower, hold a cotton swab on either side of the blackhead, then gently press down. Don’t force anything… if it doesn’t budge, abort mission and apply a benzoyl peroxide spot treatment.

How to cover it
When all efforts fail and you have a pimple learn how to cover it like a pro. Press it with a cotton swab soaked in witch hazel (or any sterile solution), then with another swab soaked in eye drops as they contain anti-inflammatory agents which reduce redness. Dab a medicated concealer on it. If a pimple is huge, it will cast a shadow, so try a different method: Brush on a mattifying primer, before applying foundation. Then pat on an opaque, full-coverage concealer. Acne scars can be covered with an eyeliner brush. Run the brush over a stick concealer and coat the inside of the scar. This hides the shadows that make these scars appear more recessed. Then apply a mattifying liquid foundation. And just like that you get full coverage and you are good to go to that party with confidence!

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