5 Wedding Venues for Bridal Season 2017/18

The tinker of wedding bells sparks an enthusiasm and fervor in the entire family, be it the groom’s or the bride’s. A typical wedding season is bustling with excitement of pre marriage arrangements. From hall bookings to deciding the menu and sending out invitations the amount of work is cumbersome. And all this needs to be done within a set budget.

If you are getting married in the beautiful city of Lahore you are in luck! Here we have a detailed guide of all you can desire to know about some of the best options for your wedding venue selection. Other than these venues, farmhouses remain a wonderful option for those who seek a more customized location that can be personalized according to your taste. You can check about these from the best event managers in the city.

Brides & You carried out a survey to compare different options available to help you decide upon a venue for the big day! Bookings run out fast, so hurry up and get on with it before your favourite venue gets booked.

Pearl Continental Hotel

Pearl Continental is perhaps the most popular venue for holding a wedding party. Located on the Mall Road in Lahore, it has many banquet halls and two are in the pipeline. Crystal, Emerald, Shalimar, Palace, Kohi-Noor, Shahi Khema and Pearl are some of the most popular and established wedding venues. Ballroom A and Ballroom B are under construction, soon to be launched.

The capacity of each hall varies. Crystal Hall can accommodate up to 500 people. Emerald can hold 200. Shalimar can hold 300 people. Palace and Koh-e-Noor have a capacity of 500. Shahi Khema can hold a total of 600. Ball Room A and B will have a capacity of 800 people.

PC offers a standard one-dish menu. If mutton is on the menu the cost will be Rs 1725 approx. per-head. In the case of chicken the cost is Rs 1425 approx. per head.

PC has a carpeted stage, chairs and tables. The flowers and other décor arrangements such as the sofa and lighting etc have to be imported from proper décor vendors, which can cost between Rs 50,000 and two lakhs depending on how lavish it is.
The months November and March are the busiest. The pre booking of a hall all depends upon availability, so you better plan well in advance.

Garrison Golf & Country Club

Another favourite among the wedding venues seems to be Garrison Golf and Country Club. The Qasar-e-Noor Nauroze hall boasts of close proximity to Cantonment and Defence Housing Authority and is quite a popular choice. The décor and colours make you feel like you are entering a grand palace of some royal era.

The place offers a wide range of menus that range from Rs 1400 to Rs 1900 depending on the choice of mutton and chicken dishes; both curry and rice. Also, on the menu are the traditional Lahori Puri and Pathooray. The rates of Qasar-e-Noor halls are Rs 50,000 for a full hall and Rs 35000 for half occupancy, but they offer discounted rates for Armed forces personnel and Garrison Golf Club members. Qasar-e-Noor offers an approved panel of decorators, out of whom any one can be selected.


If you are looking for an old world charm setting for your special day, Faletti’s Hotel is your go-to choice indeed. The place itself offers that colonial ambience which is due to strike a chord with old school romanticism.

The wide range of menu options is priced between Rs 1250 to Rs 1800 approx. and the hotel offers its own especially appointed event decorator, who can be hired from Rs 50000. The spacious newly refurbished hotel offers four halls, the smallest being Shalimar with a seating for 100 people. The busiest season is from October to mid April and it is recommended to book way earlier to avoid disappointments. There is ample parking at the venue and the staff at the Hotel is courteous and friendly.

Royal Palm

As time passes trends change and new options pop up. Royal Palm is another option open for weddings. Located on the canal bank road, it holds three banquet halls: Summit Hall, Dome Hall and Fair Way. Summit holds 300, Dome 200 and Fair Way 120. Rates are Rs 25,000 for Summit, Rs 25,000 for Dome and Rs 15,000 for Fair Way. The décor charges vary between Rs 50,000 and 100,000, depending upon client’s preference. The menu is one dish and the price per head which includes tax and beverages is Rs 2000 approx for mutton and Rs 1750 approx for chicken dishes.

Lahore Grande

Lahore Grande is a banquet hall located on 144 Upper Mall, Lahore. It has three halls, namely Mirage, Empire and Signature. Mirage can accommodate up to 250 people. Empire can hold up to 300 people and Signature can hold up to 600.

The charges per head are Rs 1100 approx. plus tax for chicken and Rs 1450 approx. plus tax for mutton. The menu décor prices vary starting from a minimum of Rs 20,000 and can go up to as high as 700,000. The vendors for the décor are provided by Lahore Grande and it is up to the client to decide on how luxurious a décor he wants. The busiest seasons according to the manager are from November to April. The prices remain the same irrespective of the wedding seasons.

Wedding is a special occasion not only in a couple’s life but in also in the cultural setting of South East Asia, for the entire family involved. The entire journey from the engagement to the date setting and finally the big day can get extremely taxing. Gone are the days when functions were held in house lawns. But we also feel that lavish spending on weddings to the extent of it becoming a carefully staged show, can be a waste of money and useful resources. There is elegance in simplicity but you will still need a venue to accommodate all your guests who come in for the ceremony to shower the couple with best of wishes for a happily ever after!

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