When it comes to bridal wear, every woman dreams of an exquisite design which not only stuns the audience, but remains imprinted upon their minds for a long time. When we hear the name ‘Versailles’, it immediately brings the concepts of beauty, luxury and grandeur to mind. Versailles has been the inspiration for the latest bridal collection designed by Shamaeel Ansari, a name which itself is associated with opulence and creativity.





The collection is a study in the imaginative and creative genius of the palace of Versailles – home to some of the world’s most superb art pieces. The designs will hold you in awe with a burst of splendidly combined colour and fabric combinations. Each dress seems to be intricately formulated with a lot of attention to detail, like a painting that has been completed with tender love and care. A touch of the vintage craftsmanship makes each design elegant to behold. The summer bride needs to look no further to find the perfect dress which will enthral everyone.





The magnificence of Versailles has been translated into this collection delightfully, by the sheer genius of Shamaeel, who holds a 33-year long experience in designing. Her brand is known globally for providing excellence in design quality. The collection has set the bridal market ablaze on April 16 with its long awaited launch. It is so regal that you will not be able to help yourself from getting your hands onto one of the designs at least.



The silhouettes, style of draping, the long coats, embroidery themes and jackets will give the wearer the opulence of 16th Century France combined with feminine grace which is the ultimate desirable goal of a bride and anyone else wanting to turn heads. The work is unmatched in its glory of embellishments of sequins and jewels in muted tones. The appliqué and embroideries will dazzle and entrance! We can guarantee that you will feel nothing short of walking like a royal courtier down the halls of the glorious palace of Versailles in one of Shameel’s creations.
The superbly executed videography speaks volumes which words simply cannot. So have a look for yourself:

Watch the video to see some of the resplendent stunning designs of Shamaeel’s ‘Versailles’!

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