Good quality and interesting options are not easily available when it comes to home décor. But Khas brings you their exclusive range which is a must check-out for those who adorn their homes with all things beautiful.

Our home is our little haven, safe and comfortable and it needs to be inviting and pretty at the same time. Khas brings a large variety of home accessories and products of high quality. Their stores, 24 in number, are spread out across Pakistan providing a one stop shopping store for all your needs relating to home and fashion.

The beddings are available in beautiful colours and prints which will lift up the mood of any bedroom. If you want a romantic feel, you can opt for reds, pinks and purples. If you want to add a soothing aura to your room, you can find subtle hues of pastel shades in many colours of your choice. Plain and self printed ones will always make you stand out as a person with a good taste and class. So whatever the colour and mood of your room, Khas has something that will excite you and give your room a welcoming feel.

If you are searching for the perfect bridal set then pay a visit to Khas. They have options for items which are just right to add glamour to a newly married couple’s room. Whether you liked fitted sheets or loose ones, there’s plenty of variety. We especially adore their range of hotel bedding which are stripes in self print satin, available in softer shades. Bath mats and rugs, kitchen linen, towels, duvets and pillows- all your needs will be taken care of here. Options for kids and teens are also all accessible under one roof.

The diversification of products available at Khas is nothing short of amazing. The quality speaks volumes for itself. They have women’s and men’s clothing lines as well. Unstitched suits are also available for women in lawn, silk, cambric, chiffon and many other materials. Men’s clothing also has stitched and unstitched fabric.

At Khas, you will find superb products which will capture your fancy. Some very chic home décor items such as urns and lamps will definitely give your home a measure of a sophisticated palate. Furniture such as bed sets can also be bought here.

So why wait, go visit one of their stores or check their products online and order on their
website: www.khasstores.com

Here’s how to locate their stores: https://www.khasstores.com/pages/store-locator

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