Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices Self-Care Ambassador Sehr Beg Participated in the 42K Istanbul Marathon

Fitness trainer and ambassador for Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices, Sehr Beg, ran the annual Istanbul marathon as a part of her self-care journey for healthy and wholesome living.

Advocating for Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices message of self-care; the fitness trainer, wife, and mother laced up her running shoes to establish the importance of taking out time for yourself. Peek Freans, with its Whole Wheat Slices has been inspiring people to work on adapting a healthier lifestyle as a part of prioritizing self-care, to lead a balanced life.

Sunday morning marked the start of the 42 km marathon, running across two continents; from the Asian side of the Bosphorus to the European side. For every KM that Sehr Beg completed, Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices chose a winner to take part in her 21-day self-care workshop, that would teach how to balance your life by giving time to yourself, and protecting your mind, body, and soul.

Peek Freans Whole Wheat Slices has partnered up with Sehr Beg to spread awareness and encourage the masses to invest time in self-care and subsequently push Pakistanis towards making healthier choices to lead a more wholesome life.


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