Artist Insight : Sameer Karasu talks to Brides & You

  1. I have been designing now for: seven years.
  2. My forte is: haute couture and high street clothing.
  3. My biggest fear when I was starting my own line was that: I would have to find a niche that can be bold enough to pull off my clothing. It is not so easy to spot a muse for my brand. This country has a long way to go before it can understand how powerful fashion can be used as a tool. I wish we could back to the 70’s. We were much more graceful about our fashion choices.
  4. The worst mistake I made when I started out was that I: I don’t think I would like to do anything differently. There is no room for mistakes in what I do. One little slip and it will be something that people will not forget.
  5. I managed to achieve success because: my brand is offering men and women what other brands are not. Have you seen our high street blazers? Do check them out and tell me if you can spot anything like that in Pakistan.
  6. I unlock a creative block by: putting my work on hold and listening to new songs. Every time I put on a song and listen to it, I imagine a fashion show with models walking to the thump of the beat. Then it’s just a matter of waiting for my imagination to kick in!
  7. Describe a time when the client was very unhappy with the order: All our customers have left fully satisfied. We have never had to deal with an “unhappy” client. Although, if a customer was dissatisfied with anything, we would own up to it and make sure they leave with a smile on their faces.
  8. My biggest design related achievement to date has been: Our clientele are our biggest achievements. To see them wear Sameer Karasu is breathtaking. It’s these little things that make us feel like we are headed the right way. Our Spring/Summer debut at PFDC Sunsilk Fashion Week was a success. Wait till you see the one we do in 2020.
  9. My favourite part of being a designer is: I get to say anything I want through the language of clothes and art. And there is so much you can get away with.
  10. When a person wears my design I want her/him to feel: Like they are wearing something that has gone through a whole process of creation. We hardly use machines to manufacture our dresses. They are all done by hand, with love and care. Utmost attention is given to your outfits by our hardworking artisans, who have learnt the secrets of constructing high fashion garments over 30-40 years of their lifetime. When someone wears my design I want them to feel like their money was well spent.
  11. My advice to the new entrants is that: don’t drown in this endless sea of fashion designers. You will disappear within days and nobody will remember who you are. Have a vision and stay relevant. Please don’t be a “bridal couture” designer. Be a fashion designer.
  12. In my opinion the following things are wrong and need to be changed in our fashion industry: Printed lawn abric is terrible. Prints, prints and prints…three times over I will say it! They are just bad.
  13. 3 fun facts about me as a person are:
  14. I often take inspiration from Japanese anime.
  15. I am a red belt in karate (the second last belt before you reach black).
  16. I read tarot cards.

Photography: Shuaib Rana
Makeup: Shainal
Model: Sana Rajput

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