Sportsfever360 and Stats Perform (OPTA) embarks on a new journey of stats data in Pakistan

Posted on March 4, 2020 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

Sportsfever360, one of the leading sports management organizations of Pakistan has inked an agreement with internationally acclaimed Sports & Technology firm, Stats Perform. Stats Perform harnesses the true power of sports data by leveraging advancements in artificial intelligence to generate the industry’s richest insights.

Through the partnership, Sportsfever360 will start a new Wave of Cricket Data & insights which will enhance sports technology & its experience in Pakistan, also build onto the evolving sports infrastructure of the country. The partnership will allow Sportsfever360 to represent OPTA solutions and products other than betting rights in Pakistan and leverage various technologies in the local industry.

Within a short span, Sportsfever360 has emerged as one of the top companies offering technological innovations in the world of sports. Their wide array of services including HD Productions, live streaming, online scoring and conduction of corporate leagues contributed immensely to the sports industry. To further their ambition of diversification and innovation the company has set up various divisions which cater to different needs. With Services like Live360, sportsfever360 has become one leading HD Sports Production Houses in Pakistan.

Innovation Leadership: Stats Perform is investing in our data science team and Artificial Intelligence to bring the market new products that continue to lead the industry. These products are rooted in advanced analytics, predictive content, and Natural Language Generation, offering our customers the ability to churn out more content than ever before through alerts, predictive content, movement data, and more.



Highest Quality Data: Stats perform data is of the highest quality in terms of our market-leading low latency, multiple formats allowing customers to use whatever format is easiest for their implementation, and similar back-end architecture across sports making any new integration exceptionally easy and allowing for quicker deployment.


One-Stop-Shop: Stats Perform covers, 500+ leagues, across the globe and constantly re-evaluates the leagues and data points that we should be capturing to truly support a global audience. In addition to our core data like scores and play-by-play, we also are able to support the market with content like odds, win probabilities and industry-leading player projections in addition to short and long-form editorial and images. On top of our data, our world-class research team provides a unique analysis on top of our data set. No matter how you are looking to grow, Stats Perform is the only true one-stop-shop to get it all.


Sohaib Irfan, CEO Sportsfever360, marked the agreement as a step towards a sports revolution, “We aim to transform the sports industry through this dynamic partnership. Our partnership with Stats Perform will open up the new wave of Data-Driven Solutions and insights not only for Teams, their players but also for Media Groups, Publishers and content writers across the country, we believe Data in our Sports and Cricket is the need of the hour and our partnership will create a new buzz in Pakistan.

Sportsfever360 has played a monumental role for the sports industry, garnering interest for sports which were unheard of in Pakistan. The organization has enabled millions of sportsmen in Pakistan who were deprived of any adequate facility. The recent partnership promises exciting new prospects for both the companies and the sports fraternity.

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