Where sex is taboo some Fetishes can be fatal

Sex is a taboo topic in our society so we never openly talk about it, and that creates a veil of mystery over the whole phenomena, yet it remains an integral part of human existence and that is no different in our country where the only socially sanctioned sex is within marriage.

Lack of knowledge in the area, is a desirable attribute for young brides, so how was Sadia supposed to know the difference between normal and abnormal.


Threesome with a boy or a girl!

It started with Umair talking about a threesome a week after the wedding night. It can be a girl or a boy, he said. His level of excitement would soar to unimaginable heights, even if Sadia asked an innocent question like, who can we trust?

Months passed and the sex life grew exciting for Umair, just with the talk about threesomes! But it became a total confusion for Sadia. The bed room talk was never followed up during the day, initially, but that is all Sadia could think about.

Is he a pervert?

Was Umair interested in one of her friends? Is he trying to offer her for sex to one of his friends? What kind of a man will want that? The confusion and discomfort kept on growing but no practical steps were ever taken so Sadia relaxed a bit. She slowly started to participate in the talk with desirable effects but she never enjoyed it and it would kill the pleasure for her.

A year passed, Sadia had a baby and the year that followed was more about the new arrival and less about the couple. Sex life was boring and brief.

Enter Nadia

Sadia noticed her husband’s lack of interest in the bed room so one day she initiated the threesome discussion during sex and bang the excitement was back.

Another few months passed, nothing changed. One day Umair was watching TV and Sadia wanted his attention. She tried many things, gossiping about the family, updating him on her friends’ achievements, her son’s antics but nothing worked.

She got frustrated so she tried the shock treatment. She came up with a name and said Nadia will be willing to join us for a threesome, what do you think?

Suddenly, Umair switched off the TV, and turned towards her with stars in his eyes. He had a million questions about Nadia. He said we have to be absolutely be sure that we can trust this person and not end up in awkward social situations.

Jealous of Nadia

Sadia kept cooking a story around her fictitious friend Sadia. She made her look so tempting that in the end, she herself got jealous of her husband’s interest in her.

Suddenly, the rules of the game were changed, and Sadia had no one but herself to blame for it. Now, the sex talk was about planning a threesome with Nadia. This was proving to be taxing for Sadia. She started hating their intimate moments together. The dependence on Nadia made her feel inadequate.

What to do?

She started shying away from the talk and Umair sensed it. Slowly the sex life started getting boring and now there has been no sex for months.

Sadia wants our advice. Is her husband really interested in sex only if it’s a threesome? Can she spice up her sex life with just talk in order to keep her husband’s interest in her, alive? Or should she just give up on this relationship?

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