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Mohabatain Chahatain – Couples’ Conflicts

New drama series on HUM TV ‘Mohabatain Chahatain’ started last week.

The Story:

– The first episode introduces two main couples. Faraz and Neha are living a dream family life with their son.

– The childless couple Kamil and Tara are rich but at odds with each other. Tara is an unhappy bitter woman who suspects Kamil of cheating.

– The episode ends on Kamil in the middle of giving a verbal divorce to his wife.

Our Comments:

I am so worried about Faraz. My instincts tell me he is more than what he appears to be. Call me a bitter woman but husbands don’t behave like him after 10 years of marriage. Those who do, are deliberately putting up the act to fool their wives.

Neha is happy in her little haven. There is nothing more satisfying in life then to have a life partner who values you, gives you attention and is dedicated to his family. But let’s be real: where do you see this? In fairytales and now on HUM TV. So worried about poor Neha. I want at least one woman to live in a fairytale. It will make all of us happy thinking we got unlucky but the fairytale exists out there.

Tara is obnoxious through and through. Kamil is a cheating husband or not, we don’t know yet. Usually a wife’s instincts are hardly ever wrong on this count.

We are going to keep you updated on the couple’s conflicts on weekly basis. This will be our chat box to discuss how the story unfolds.

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