Zebaish- a strong story with a fantastic cast!

Zebaish is a 2020 HUM TV drama that airs every Friday at 8 pm. Produced by Momina Duraid, directed by Iqbal Hussain and written by Bushra Ansari, it talks about the glitz and glamour of the fashion world.

The cast includes Zara Noor Abbas (Noshi), Asad Siddique (Nadeem), Bushra Ansari (Shahana Sultan), Babar Ali (Pervaiz), Pirzada Wasif (Iqbal Hussain) and Nadra (Asma Abbas).

The plot revolves around the relationship between two sisters, Shahana and Nadra  digging deep into their past. However, it is the role of Noshi and Nadeem that hooks the audience onto the drama. The spontaneity and naturalistic manner in which they deliver their role captivates the spectators.

Nadra and her daughter Noshi come from a conservative family where people like Pirzada Wasif, think they can rule over other people’s lives. He has no respect for Nadra. According to him she does not have a good character. It points to the backwardness of such areas where women have no rights. On the other end is Noshi, who falls prey to the allure and attraction of the fashion industry. So greedy is she for the fame and money, that she crosses all limits. She can no longer differentiate between being moral and immoral. She puts everything at stake- her morals and loved ones.

As the drama unfolds, it shows a complex network of relationships. The relationships are like a spider web. Even if one strand breaks, the entire web is jeopardized.

Shahana Sultan’s husband leaves her for another woman. Noshi and Nadeem (Shahana Sultan’s son) fall in and out of love. Nadeem marries Taashi (Zoya Nasir). And as Noshi gets married to Pervaiz to protect her from her conservative relatives, she is entangled in love with him knowing that he also happens to be Shahana’s second husband.

In the entire scenario, the question that comes to mind ‘is everyone happy?’ Are the new relationships strong, honest, and solid? Or is everyone involved in their selfish motives and love and marriage are just mere terms to provide fake solace?

Stay tuned in to find out what happens next.

On the whole, Zebaish is a great play! It has a strong storyline and a fantastic cast. A must watch!

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