Hazik Ali – Superb standup comedy

Describe Hazik Ali the man in three words:

Those words would have to be ‘funny’, ‘laid back’ and ‘calm’.

Describe Hazik Ali the comedian in three words:

Funny’, ‘laid back’ and ‘calm’!

Why did you become a comedian?

I chose it, because I could make people laugh, so I thought that I might as well get on stage and do it!

You use a number of sexual innuendos in your stand-up shows. They are subtle. Can your audience follow them?

We are a country of 212.2 million…Of course they do!

What was your most well received skit or stand up show and what do you think was the reason for its success?

It was one of my performances at Strictly Social and the crowd was really cool. I have realized you can be prepared all you want, but when you are performing you need to feel out the crowd and see what’s working with them or not and then improvise during the set.

You make fun of personalities – are there any ethical lines you observe, or anything goes? What are the do’s and don’ts of your professional life?

There is humor in everything if you find the right way of going about it. Personally, I joke about things that I find funny or situations and observations that I find humorous.

We live in a very conservative society which is not so big on tolerance. Have you ever gotten in trouble for anything you said or posted?

Have I always been successful? No. I have had shows where I have bombed but that’s how it is. You learn and evolve as a comedian, a performer and person. Also, someone somewhere will always be offended by something or the other, that’s how things are these days.

What subjects are closest to your heart?

Maths and Physics (oh dear!)

What will you say to the youngsters who want to become comedians?

Get on stage and do your thing!

What are your future plans?

I need to get a haircut and keep doing shows!

You can see more of Hazik’s work by going to his Instagram: @alihazik

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