Winter Honeymoon Destinations Pakistan

In winters, we see the maximum number of weddings and hence honeymoons. Winter is the season of surrounding yourself in the warmth of a not just a cosy blanket near a warm fireplace, but also the company of your loved one. If you find winters romantic and snow clad valleys and mountains beautiful, then read on to know about some winter honeymoon destination ideas. Keeping corona fears in mind, and how international tourism has decreased due to the Covid situation, perhaps you would like to explore the abundant natural beauty of North Pakistan this year. Our Northern region can easily surpass any hill station in the world, in its bountiful beauty and charm. Have a look at some of our recommendations:

Attabad Lake

Attabad Lake has recently become a very big tourist attraction in the North. It is situated in Gilgit-Baltistan. Here you can do activities like boating, jet skiing and fishing. This lake was formed after Attabad Village located in Hunza had a landslide in January 2010. This landslide killed many people and blocked Hunza River’s flow for five months, forming the lake. A tragedy indeed with the village submerging under the water.

Temperature: The temperature may go down to minus 10 degrees Celsius and the lake can freeze over- even then, continuing to present a stunning sight to behold!

How to reach: From Islamabad it is an eight-hour drive. You can choose to take a three-hour flight from Islamabad to Gilgit and then take a taxi ride of approximately two hours to reach the lake.


Nathiagali offers stunning natural scenery. It has some interesting hiking tracks to explore nearby areas. It has lush green meadows and a forest full of oak, cedar and pine trees. It looks even more stunning after the winter snowfall. Nathiagali’s famous landmarks include St Mathew’s church- a relic from the British rule, which is made entirely of wood. You must have heard or seen the famous little bazaar in Nathiagali, with its world famous fiery hot ‘Patakha’ chicken. The mountain peaks that can be spotted at some distance from here are Mukshpuri and Miranjani and Nanga Parbat on a clear day.

Temperature: In winters the temperature can go down to minus 10 degrees Celsius.

How to reach: It is situated at almost an hour’s drive away from Murree and Abbottabad, lying midway between these two cities. The drive time from Islamabad is about three hours.


Skardu might be frozen over in Winters but it will be quiet and peaceful if that is your thing. Skardu is called “Tibet-e-Khurd” or “Little Tibet” because of its culture and architecture, which are a combination of Tibetan and Caucasian lifestyles. You can do some exploring as well- even in winter season transport will be available to go places like Shigar valley, Sadpara, Shagrila and Khaplu except Deosai plains, which might be snowed in.

Temperature: In winters the temperature may drop to minus 25 degrees Celsius.

How to reach: During winters you can go by road from Rawalpindi via Karakorum highway. NATCO & Mashbrum companies operate bus services from Pir Wadahai bus terminal in Rawalpindi to Skardu. By road it would take approximately four hours and air time from Islamabad to Skardu is approximately one hour.

Naltar Valley

We have Ski resort in Naltar valley in Gilgit Baltistan. The valley is lush green and offers some magnificent scenery to view. It has other nearby destinations which you can explore such as Naltar Lake, Pari Lake and Blue Lake. During winters, you can enjoy the International Ski Festival in Naltar valley. So if you are the adventurous sort and into outdoor winter fun, then gear up with your loved one for skiing.

Temperature: Temperature can go as low as minus five degrees Celsius.

How to reach: One can visit this destination by taking a jeep ride from Normal village for around 45 minutes.


Hunza is probably the most famous place in the North of Pakistan and frequented by tourists all year round. It fits the bill for honeymoon destination as well. It is located on Karakoram Highway in Gilgit. It will capture your heart with its beautiful lakes and snow capped mountains. It offers a cultural diversity and a historical background. You will love the friendly people of Hunza as you spend time in the snow covered valley. While there, you must visit Karimabad, Altit and Baltit Forts, Rush Lake, Gulmit and Passu.

Temperature: Temperature can go as low as minus five degrees Celsius.

How to reach: Hunza is located around two to three hours away from Gilgit. You can take a flight to Gilgit from Islamabad which is approximately an hour long. NATCO is a government-owned bus company that connects northern Pakistan to the rest of the country and you can get on one from Islamabad to Gilgit.

We hope you enjoyed the list and can pick a destination for honeymoon more easily.

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