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The third and final day featured exciting performances by Young Stunners, Shamoon Ismail, and Ali Noor

In a proud moment for the country,Pakistan’s first ever LIVE digital music festival, Coke Fest 2020, presented by Patari and Tapmad, attracted more than 2 million digital viewers with a global audience from over 40 countries experiencing young and new Pakistani music.

Indeed, with 4 festival stages and a studio cameo from London, a new platform has truly arrived in the country, providing much needed opportunity to the young and promising talent of Pakistan to showcase themselves in front of a global audience. While the spread of Covid-19 posed a complete halt to organizing LIVE events or large public gatherings, Coca-Cola had the vision to onboard a concept brought to them by Zarlasht Faisal, CEO of Patari – a popular online music streaming platform in Pakistan, and Yassir Pasha of Tapmad – Pakistan’s leading on-demand video streaming platform, to create a unique and disruptive virtual experience offering engagement, musical performances and much more as a two-way interactive experience. In order to drive this, the teams engaged a first-of-its-kind digital eco-system; from live food deliveries by FoodPanda to live dissemination of merchandise by Bykea all the while bringing the best of the ideas together for a truly unique experience. Coke Fest 2020 was directed LIVE by Amaan Ahmed, from Uncut Studios.

Hosted by TV and Radio personality Dino Ali with a special digital watch-party featuring Anoushey Ashraf, Day-3 [23rdnd November 2020] of the digital music festival, Coke Fest 2020 showcased scintillating LIVE performances by the rising Hip/Hop duo Young Stunners, who performed seven of their original songs including Gumaan, Asli Hai, Cali 2 Karachi, Class, Karachi Chal, Quarantine, Jalega. This electrical performance by the young rappers was followed by a captivating display from the pop sensation, Shamoon Ismail, who performed six original tracks, Karachi, Taare, Khayaal, Marijuana, Tuntuna. Magic. The night was concluded by Ali Noor as he showed his range and versatility through a powerpacked performance with songs including, Pagal, Naye Marna, Saari Raat, Teray Saath. Nasha. These performances, set across multiple stages in the Coke Fest arena, were streamed LIVE on Tapmad for the local and global audience.

Day 1 [21st November 2020] featured performances by the rock band E-Sharp ft. Alicia Diaz where they performed Choti Khushiyan, Khuda Ki Basti, Kya Maine Socha, Badshah and Sooli; the absolutely unbelievable 9-year-old Pakistani rapper Kaky Thou$and ft. Asif Bali who performed Aya Thou$and Back and Apna Daur Aayega; and the electro-pop sensation Abdullah Siddiqui who performed his originals Clean, Diamond & Dynamite, Telescope Heart and Party Trick.

Day-2 [22nd November 2020] showcased exciting performances by Britain’s Got Talent’s superstar Sirine Jahangir, who performed her original songs Breathe and Understand, and sufi-rock powerhouse Natasha Baig who performed four originals, Ya Maula, Hik Hai, Sheesha Ban Ja and Shikwa.This was followed by a power pack performance from Punjabi rapper Xploymer Dar ft. Hashim where the duo performed Power Di Game, New Era, Kaam Bole and Unni Vi. The night ended with a scintillating set from the EDM outfit SomeWhatSuper who lit up the stage with the energetic ‘Pakistaniyat’.

Music lovers who want to revisit the excitement or those who missed the LIVE streams, the audio of all three days is exclusively available on and the Patari app which can be downloaded from The video highlights of the festival are also available on or the Tapmad app.

#CokeFest2020, for many years has brought together Pakistan’s two biggest passions; music and food. #CokeFest2020 has a long history of inviting music lovers to celebrate their love for music and food by hosting a number of upcoming artists and restaurateurs forming a winning combination. However, redefining the real experience and taking it to the virtual space with the same oomph and zest was the need of the hour. With big names like Coca-Cola Pakistan, Patari and Tapmad all coming together promising a first-of-its-kind interactive digital event – expectations are bound to skyrocket and set a new standard of experiencing entertainment in the new normal.

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