Digital Revolutionary – Haris Siyal

We are in a digital era where most things in our lives are now online, or require the use of internet in some way. Be it education, business, clothing, shopping, banking or many other things, you cannot imagine living without the world wide web.

We are living in the ‘The age of internet’. We can consider ourselves blessed because while sitting in one place, we can reach almost anywhere or anything in the world. We don’t have to visit places in person or travel thousands of miles; everything is in your devices.

The most amazing thing is that we don’t have to promote our products through handbills, newspapers or printed materials anymore. Now with social media we can do all this such as promoting businesses, brands, albums, songs etc.

For this you need the help of a professional who can help you to reach heights of fame and success and help you to reach more people and gain customers. A very well-known person in this industry Haris Siyal aka Harry Dada. Harry has over 15 years of experience in events management, marketing, promotion, media and communications. He has been providing services to numerous international organizations, event management firms, media marketing organizations and contractors in the areas of event management, marketing, artist promotion, brands promotion, communications and brand activation.
He has worked for lots of national and international brands, celebrities and agencies. So if you are looking for any expert help in this area, Harry is your man! You can find harry dada at

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