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We all know how difficult it is to find the right bed sets and accessories which can compliment our furniture, our décor, the colour scheme, the feel, the ambience and even our personality. As we have to spend so much time in our bedrooms, they simply have to look and feel right. And then the quality has to be great so that it lasts as well. So here is what we have found which meets all the above expectations: The Linen Company Whether you are in the exciting prep phase for your upcoming wedding or whether you simply love to have a beautiful, prim and proper looking bedroom, The Linen Company has tons of options for you.

Speaking of quality, we can guarantee that you will not be able to find better. As for designs: be it stylish bed sheets, bedcovers, quilt covers or warm and cozy blankets, they have a wide array of attractive designs. These include some eclectic prints, which will make your room stand out as well as plain and self-printed ones which speak volumes for a modern, minimalistic preference.

We have been quite besotted by their products, by just one visit to their shop. From kids’ bedroom bed sets to funky cushions, The Linen Company has such a fantastic range of products that you will be surprised. We were spoiled for choice, so we decided to focus on some products which we especially liked for our audience of young girls and boys about to get married and in the process of selecting interesting products for their new bedroom look. These are great for the men and women with impeccable taste, who might be desiring a total revamp for their rooms.      

From Wedding Bells

The Mariee Bridal Bed Set

Have a look at this beautiful serene and classy Mariee Bridal Bed Set. Made from the finest quality, this bed set is guaranteed to make your room exude an ambience of romance and beauty. It looks so inviting and makes one want to jump in, immediately.

The Bainise Gold Bridal Bed Set

When we hear the wedding bells, we see gold colour, just the right shade, which adds hints of glamour and a bit of a formal touch to your room décor. This plush Bainise Gold Bridal Bed Set is perfectly suited to give you a fairy-tale, dreamy wedding night.

From their Luxe Collection

The Supima Wood work bed set

This finest work of craftsmanship comes at a 750 thread count, made in superior Supima cotton. This wood work charcoal bedsheet is a perfect thread count which offers not just strength but more importantly, breathability and softness. It has a light sheen which will not go out after multiple washes and is finished with a skin-soft weave. We prefer the Charcoal colour to add a graceful, timeless allure for your room, but you can check out other options for colours.

From the Hotel Collection

Scarlet & Ivory Striped Bed Set

If you a bride or groom, a man or woman who is not shy to ascertain their taste, and prefers a bright, bold look then go for Scarlet Striped Bed Set. It will not just lift up your décor, but also your spirit and mood, when you enter into the comfort of your bedroom. This collection is ideal for those who love the crisp, clean feel of a high-end hotel room. It offers bedding for all seasons. You may even pick other colours from luxurious cloud blue to richly-hued cream. The Ivory Striped Duvet Cover Set option is soothing to the eyes and nerves and will always give a hygienic, super clean feel.

The Linen Company Blankets

We cannot believe how cozy and warm these blankets are. The texture is smooth and the colours are wintery, welcoming hues. You will want to wrap one of these around and sit around a fire or heater in winters. They are made of microfiber which is easily washable.

And here are some of their best sellers that took our heart away:

This print has a refreshing vibe. From Everyday Essentials collection, this is printed sateen. In this collection there are numerous artistic, floral and geometric patterns. The unique patterns, which this range offers, will blend smoothly with whatever the style of your room may be. They will surely make heads turn with some retro and some very traditional yet amazingly imaginative designs.

We promise you that a visit to The Linen Company is something that will impress you to no end.

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