Is glowing enough or is ‘fair’ a must?

“We want a fair, pretty, and slim and tall girl.” That is what most men and even women require when they are on a girl-hunt for their son. The cream Fair & Lovely has been popular for many decades in the South Asia, giving hope to dark-skinned girls, who want acceptance. Of late, there had been a great controversy about the slogan, “Fair and Lovely” for endorsing discrimination, based on colour. It created a massive inferiority complex amongst women, especially young and unmarried girls who were embarrassed because of having a dark complexion. They resorted to skin treatments such as whitening skin injections and skin lightening creams to change their natural skin colour for a whiter skin tone to be accepted by the society at large. The recent change in the name from “Fair and Lovely” to “Glow and Lovely” is a positive move indeed.

This recent conversion from the word “fair” to “glow” has received praise all over the world, for removing the stigma of having a dark complexion. The advertisement says and I quote: “Mitti kai 100 rang hain. Aik rang mai, Aik rang tu.”

Well, we have to give it to them for coming up with a catchy phase and idea for saving their own skins. And definitely, it promotes natural beauty. It is accepting of all skin tones and colours. Each individual has been bestowed with a skin tone that is best suited to their personality and physical appearance. The fact that you have glowing and healthy skin is what is significant.

The advertisement has become popular, hoping to be the reason for the recent change in the mentality of the people. It has laid the cornerstone towards developing healthy and strong women. It hopes to achieve the objective that women are no longer rejected based on colour. What matters is a good heart and an educated mindset. The word “glow” sums it up beautifully. A glowing skin and a glowing heart and brain is the perfect combination for attaining success in all spheres of life. So we salute “Fair & Lovely” for changing its name to “Glow & Lovely.’ It is a remarkable effort. And indeed a brave one! Hats off to “Glow & Lovely” for making an effort to become every girl’s strength. But one has to ask the question- will changing a name actually bring about a real change in people’s mentality or are we just fooling ourselves? What do you think? Let us know in comments below.

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