Valentines Day Journey- seize the day while you can!

Here’s a quick run down from us, for all of you in order to give you a reality check involving the ‘Ghulab ke phool se lai kar haray dhnaiya tak ka safar and beyond!’.

Valentine’s Day comes once a year, but the years will take the sheen away from this day. As life takes its twists and turns and goes through different phases, so do the Valentine Day celebrations and the energy surrounding it.

Phase 1: Boyfriend/ Girlfriend

Ding Dong, rings the doorbell. ‘Who is it?’

She opens the door and is ecstatic by what is lying in front of her eyes: a bucket full of red roses and a basket of goodies; peeking from the corner is a small card. She reads it, “Will you be my Valentine?” it says. Emotions take control of her and she becomes teary-eyed. With love in her eyes she says, ‘Yes’.

Phase 2: Newly Weds

As she comes out of the shower, she sees a wrapped box lying on the bed. She opens it and look what she finds: a stunning red dress with a note saying: “Happy Valentines Day to my beautiful wife.” As she goes on a dinner date with her husband in that sexy red dress and comes home, all smiles and happy after a wonderful dinner date, life seems full of romance and joy.

Phase 3: Few years into marriage

‘Oh my darling let’s go someplace romantic for Valentines Day’, says the husband

‘No please, who will be with the children?’, says the wife. The husband leaves in distress. Then his cell phone rings. He is relieved. Finally, his wife was going to say yes to Valentine celebrations. He answers excitedly. ‘Don’t forget to bring hara dhania on your way back.’ What? Was he hearing it right? His face falls in disappointment. However, there is still hope. As the husband returns from office his stress is all wiped out when he sees the effort his wife had made at setting up a candle-lit dinner for her family. Yes! Valentines is no longer about the two of them. Now it is more of a family celebration. But you have to accept change!

Phase 4: When was Valentine’s Day?

And finally the last phase when there is no Valentine because you are old and have Alzheimer’s! That is it. No more Valentine’s Day celebrations. Or perhaps Islam hits you at this age and suddenly you realize that it’s an unislamic celebraton. So celebrate whilst you can, for life is unpredictable!

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