5 habits to help you stay healthy during pandemic

We hope that you have been keeping well! Adjusting to this new normal has been far from easy so we hope you have been immersing yourself in all forms of self-care: both your physical and your mental health. 

Since most of us are rarely able to leave the house due to the current situation (the third wave), it has been extra difficult to keep ourselves going and motivated. When most of us have shifted to online classes and work from home – here are some tips and tricks to keep you motivated. However, make sure to go easy on yourself – our minds and bodies both are adjusting to this new way of life.

1. Routine is crucially important: Try to structure your day with a routine – being home all day and not being able to attend school, university and office can make it increasingly difficult to maintain a daily routine. The motivation level is not the same when you have to attend online classes or work from home. Investing in a daily planner or a journal will surely be of help. Right after waking up, while you enjoy your cup of morning tea or coffee, remember to jot down your tasks for the whole day. This allows you to keep track of your day and as you keep ticking off tasks from your to-do list, it automatically serves as motivation. Try structuring your whole week in a similar fashion where you set a time for your breakfast, lunch and dinner.

2. Stay neat: Keep your room and workspace tidy. It helps de-clutter your mind and focus better on the task of remaining mentally and physically fit.

3. Stay active: You are probably not able to attend your gym class but it is of primary importance to stay active. Exercise is healthy for both body and mind. It boosts endorphin and serotonin (happy hormones) levels which boost your overall mood. This helps improve your sleep cycle as well. You don’t have to opt for something complicated – choose a physical activity that you enjoy. It could be cycling, following a trainer’s YouTube videos or live online classes. For those of you who enjoy yoga, Yoga by Addriene on YouTube is simple to follow and free. You can also order dumbbells and resistance bands at home and start using them. Get some fresh air – walk walk walk – even if it’s walking in your garden or around your neighbourhood (be sure to maintain a safe social distance) or in your neighbourhood park.

4. Mediate – We have been stuck in these dismal circumstances for over a year now. It is absolutely normal to feel overwhelmed. Try setting aside 10 minutes a day to meditate and calm your mind. Do this early in the morning or right before sleeping. Take this time to reflect about your day, count your blessings, focus on your surroundings and concentrate on your breathing while getting rid of all negative thoughts. Do this in a quiet spot inside your house or in your balcony. You can refer to the calm app or YouTube videos. At first, you might find it difficult to focus but with time, you will understand the impact mindfulness has on your soul. Being amongst nature is soothing, it provides a sense of calm. Make sure to look at the trees, admire the birds, take your surroundings in, and remember to breathe deep.

5. Learn a new hobby – use this time to learn something that you always wanted to and never really had the chance to. Make this your time to SHINE! Do you have a passion for cooking? Go ahead, take that risk and make a business out of it! Looking to learn a skill? Go for it! Want to take an educational course? Do it! Invest your time in activities you enjoy and you will feel rejuvenated.

We hope that you stay well along with all your loved ones during this pandemic.

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