Father’s Day: A Day worth celebrating

Father’s Day is celebrated on June 19th across the globe.

It is a special occasion to thank your father for taking you through the ebb and flow of life.

Fathers are such important figures in our lives. And to make them feel liked and desired, there is no better opportunity but to pay a tribute to your father on Father’s Day!

 I will narrate an anecdote that changed my perspective, and how I looked at my father.

My father is my role model. We share similar traits and hobbies. The love for reading and writing is something we both have in common.

Being a surgeon and a man of faith, he reads heavy books on religion and surgery.

One day I noticed the redness of his eyes and I understood in a split second something was wrong. That is when I decided to gift him designer shades as a gift for Father’s Day!

He is a simple man. And never spends on himself. So this time I gave him a surprise. And the look of a mixed emotion of happiness and tears made me weep too.

This is how I celebrated Father’s Day.

I will give you, Do It Yourself ideas to make your father feel special.

You can arrange a candle-lit dinner for your father and sit and watch a movie at night making him feel loved and cared for.

You can arrange a nice bouquet from the flowers in your garden and give him the sweet-smelling flowers which are way better than buying one from the flower shop. It will add a personalized touch that will show that you made an extra effort.

You can simply give him a massage. Massage his head, neck, shoulders, and face. It will relieve his stress and he will give you a smile and prayer, which is worth more than many million dollars. You can go on a long drive within your vicinity. Turn up the music and let your father forget all his worries. Let him feel free like a teenager. The moment of respite will rejuvenate his mind and spirit.

These are just a few ideas on how to celebrate Father’s day. You can come up with other creative ideas.

Make your father feel good! Wish him a Happy Father’s Day with all your gratitude and compassion.

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