Huma Nasr’s show ‘Shaadi Kay Laddoo’ celebrating relationships, kicks-off today

The much-awaited content by Shaan-e-Pakistan, Shaadi Kay Laddoo, produced by Huma Nasr and introduced through a successful press conference held in June came to fruition here recently with the first season’s five engrossing episodes recorded back-to-back. Well-known celebrity panellists, and media persons gathered for the event to show their support for this unique venture.

The event took off with guests arriving and being photographed at the red carpet, with the title song of the show playing in the background.  Among the renowned names spotted were Sarwat Gilani, Matira, Aisha Motiwala, Uzra Dawood, Buraaq Shabbir, Muzna Ibrahim, Fakiha Khan, Farah Talib Aziz, Kokab Zia, Aliya Tipu, Rasikh Ismail and Shumail Sikander. CEO Shaan-e- Pakistan and creative director of the show, host Huma Nasr greeted the guests and media.

Talking about the show Nasr said, “I am pleased to announce the great show “Shaadi Kay Laddoo”. Weddings are always popular around the world, more so in Pakistan. I have designed this show and content which focuses on discussing marriages with its various aspects in order to help couples, whether newly-wed or old, those looking to get married, or those who are happy with their single status. I intend to take the show internationally and want to connect and highlight couples across the globe. Our discussions are meant to strengthen relationships between spouses the world over, as human emotions are the same regardless of caste, class or creed.”

Nasr also invited individuals and organizations to donate to her cause of SHAADI BACHAO — a support group which will collaborate with mental health organization experts to focus on SHAADI BACHAO PROGRAMME. This will be an Exclusive Edition Session within the show. The proceeds from it will go to deserving people.

Next up was: “You, Me and Her” with Matira and Muzna Ibrahim presenting their individual perspectives on marriage triangles. The host and the speakers shared some laughs before proceeding to the buzzer round and ending the segment on a fun note.

The third episode was on “Arranged vs love marriage in which panelists were journalist Buraaq Shabbir and beautician Aliya Tipu. Both gave their interesting perspectives on which kind of marriage is more long-lasting, and answered the buzzer round with equal aplomb.

The next episode was titled “How weddings enhance the big day of bride and groom” in which panelists were designers Farah Talib Aziz and Kokab Zia. Both panelists shared their views on how designer outfits influence the emotions of the couple-to-be. The segment again ended with a buzzer round where the panelists had to give one-word answers.

The last episode covered the more serious aspects of marriage and touched upon marriage counselling, seeking legal help, and social/community support for couples. Panellists were psychologist Aisha Motiwala; founder of on-line matrimonial site Two Rings, Fakiha; entrepreneur and social activist Tara Uzra Dawood, and lawyer Shumail Sikander. Refreshments were served to the guests after every session during which they interacted with the media.

  • The official music score for the Show titled ‘Ishq Na Manne Koi Rule’ is sung by Hamza Akram Qawwal and Richa Sharma.
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  • Sony Sweets were the official sweet partners.
  • ●      PR partners are Starlinks PR and Events.


Shaan-e-Pakistan Foundation aims at creating a cultural exchange between countries through art, music, food, and fashion. It aspires to not only promote established and emerging local talent but also have an ongoing collaboration with international artisans from the world over. This ensures added value and enhances the positive image of Pakistan. SEP has a significant number of successful national and international events to its credit and association with top tier celebrities, stylists, socialites and artists.

The CEO, Huma Nasr, aims for a prosperous Pakistan through the effective propagation of ideas and creativity in all domains. It is a platform driving universality and peace while celebrating all commonalities and differences alike.

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