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Bridal beauty treatments to avoid before your wedding day


As a bride, it becomes extremely difficult to decide what bridal treatment to take and what facials to start doing. Do they work? How long do they work for? Can they cause any damage to the skin that may make a bride look worse on the wedding day?

Read on to find out what to avoid beauty-wise before for your wedding day!

1. Salon facials

Salon facials are a definite no for pre-bridal skin. We know that seems counterintuitive as it seems nearly everyone is getting facials before their wedding. But, the fact is that most salon facials can end up with a slew of harmful skin effects such as skin irritation, allergy and the most feared of all, blemishes!

Studies have proven that amongst South Asians who get facials, nearly 47% get acne about 7-21 days later. So, those blemishes that may have popped up around your event, that easily could have been caused by the facial. This is because salon facials usually use approximately 8-10 separate products, any of which can contain up to hundreds of ingredients each.

Most women have sensitive skin, so applying so many different products is almost always a recipe for disaster.

2. Home remedies

Now, almost every bride we meet has a story of trying a home pack that her grandmother or her aunt or her friend’s great grand-aunt told her that was guaranteed to make her glow. In each of those cases, either there was no result, or some form of irritation occurred.

This does not mean that home remedies cannot help, but it is vital to avoid trying any new methods right before your wedding. One common ingredient that can really cause problems is lemon, which is known to sometimes cause a mild skin burn and to make you more sensitive to the sun.

3. Peels

Peels are well-known throughout the beauty world for giving your skin a glow and working on a number of concerns including acne and pigmentation. However, right before the wedding, trying peels for the first time may not be such a good idea.

It’s important to know how your skin responds and how to manage your post-peel skin. This applies to those young women who have never had a peel before! We have met brides who decided to get a peel done a day or two before their wedding for the first time, and ended up with severe anxiety on their wedding day because their skin was dry, peeling and sensitive.

Their makeup wouldn’t sit right no matter what they tried! To those brides, we caution you to get your peel at least a week before your events. This allows you to enjoy the result of the peel, without worrying about your makeup!

So, we just hope that these beauty treatment tips might have helped you and you’ll follow them for good.


Fashion Predictions By Roodaba Omar




This time we have the talented designer Roodaba Omar in the spotlight. Known for creating traditional bridals with modern cuts, she creates unique designs that are drool-worthy. We at Brides & You asked her about the three fashion predictions for the upcoming bridal season.

  • Velvet will reign this wedding season, in the form of an extra chaadar along with the dupatta giving the bride an extremely traditional look on her big day.
  • You will see a lot of formals with detailed Gharara Pants
  • For Bridals you will see short shirts making a comeback this season .



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Bridal Do s amp; Dont s By Mashaal Moazzam



Mashaal Moazzam has been a strong name in the industry for quite some time now. Apart from creating luxurious bridals and formals she’s ventured into Fashion Consultancy by the name of TIFA, giving her clients a personalised makeover. We at Brides & You asked Mashaal  about the must do’s and dont’s of a bridal dress:


  • Include hues of Gold in your dress for a more traditional look
  • Use various fabrics, especially nets and organza.
  • Experiment with different cuts for the bridal shirt especially for the Valima.


  • Do not settle for a long shirt with typical colour combinations.




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5 Tips For Couples Going To Wed Soon



When planning the wedding, the couples try to look for great wedding ideas to make sure that every moment of their special day becomes a memorable one. In this pursuit, they encounter a lot of disagreements and arguments.

To avoid any major issues, here are some amazing wedding tips for the wedding couple.

1) Open for discussions

open for discussion

Before doing any wedding planning, make sure that both of you are open for any discussion. Having a healthy conversation clarifies all the doubts and worries. This will give right momentum to your wedding planning and you would be able to judge and respect each other’s preference and choices.

2) Check your credit


It is general tendency for anyone to dream of a lavish wedding with awesome wedding venue, delicious reception, and astonishing Wedding Invitations. But, you should always keep a check on your pocket before finalizing your wedding planning.

3) Eat healthy

eat healthy

Yes, this eating healthy and keeping your body hydrated is one of the most important wedding tip for the wedding couple. For all the wedding planning to go smoothly, you should make sure that you keep a complete check on your own health. If you won’t keep a check on your health, eating habits, and other details, you may fall sick and won’t be able to enjoy your wedding celebrations.

4) Advance booking

book early

In wedding seasons, you will feel that everything becomes extremely expensive all of sudden. So, the best Wedding Ideas for Couples is to make sure that all the necessary booking and preparations are done well ahead of time. This advance booking will help you to find the perfect wedding venue, wedding invitations and right caterers for your wedding. Along with this, advance booking will help you in saving quite a deal.

5) Be realistic with time


For the successful wedding, you should be very sure that you are dealing with a realistic timeline. Wedding planning is a tricky thing and it tends to be messy. You should make a to-do list and try to finish everything in the given time frame. You should make sure that you don’t leave anything unfinished in a given timeline.


7 Important Beauty Tips For All Brides To Be


If you have your wedding date finally decided, it is time to start working on your beauty regimen. Follow these easy beauty tips to ensure you look your best on your big day!



1) Moisturize, moisturize, moist…urize!


The key to healthy, glowing skin is giving it the proper nourishment it needs. Moisturize daily to ensure you are free of dry patches and uneven skin!

2) Load up on the eye cream.


Eye creams prevent wrinkles, tired and puffy eyes, so be sure to apply a thick coat before going to bed and wake up pretty!

3) Whiten your teeth.


Instead of spending thousands of rupees on whitening your teeth with your dentist, do it the natural way months before your wedding! Your teeth and wallet will thank you!

4) Get routine facials.


Getting routine facials will help give you even skin, while getting rid of any blemishes. Be sure to get your last facial 2-4 weeks prior to your big day to give your skin ample time to heal.

5) Take care of your nails.


Getting routine manicures will ensure that your cuticles are well taken care of and your nails are in tip-top condition for your wedding day!

6) Don’t forget about your lips.


With so much to prepare for, it is easy to forget about your lips! Be sure to moisturize them daily, multiple times a day for the most kissable lips on your wedding day!

7) Drink a lot of water.

Increasing your water intake from the moment you finalize your marriage date is super important to achieve the ‘natural glow’ that all brides-to-be crave for.water