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OMEGA celebrates the new Aqua Terra collection with Alessandra Ambrosio


#OMEGA celebrates the new Aqua Terra to the Swiss watchmaker’s refined new collection of timepieces collection with guest Alessandra Ambrosio in Miami. With OMEGA’s beautiful new Seamaster collection on display, guests and media were treated to visual feasts at OMEGA’s special celebration of Aqua Terra. The nautical-themed event, which took place in the minimalist splendor of a private Miami villa, included a DJ to give the gathering a casual house-party atmosphere.

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Huda Beauty’s Winter Solstice Collection’s All-Frosted Range


So, the winter is coming. Luckily for Huda Beauty fans, that means the unveiling of the icy Winter Solstice collection. The collection, includes four new lip glosses and four new highlighters, with a serious Ice Queen vibe.

First up, highlighters. We are talking jumbo pastel pigments with frosty finishes here. In a series of swatches on three different skin tones, you can see the full effects of the glow, definitely not for the diffident. There’s Frosted Kiss, a frosty shade of baby pink; Arctic Glow, a blueish shade that looks like a refined cold snap on lighter skin tones and almost like a mermaid hue on darker tones; Northern Lights, a surprisingly sunny hue with just the right amount of shimmer; and Winter Rose, a luxuriantly pigmented rose gold that reminds us a bit of curling up by the fire.

Then there are the snow bunny-worthy glosses, which come in balancing shades. There’s Charmed, which looks petal pink on the lightest skin tones and exaggerates to a deeper rose gold on darker tones; Bewitched, a not-for-the-faint-of-heart ice blue shade; Starcrossed, a nude shade with golden yellow undertones; and Hypnotic, which looks like a refined iridescent sheen on lighter tones and straight up purple on darker skin tones. Have a look on the swatches below.

It may still be fall season, but Huda beauty’s (limited-edition!) Winter Solstice collection drops on October 27 at Sephora and

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Lala set to introduce their latest collection Nero Bianco Fall Collection 2017


Lala is set to introduce their latest collection “Nero Bianco Fall Collection 2017” in unstitched fabric featuring a diversity of designs and is now available across LALA stores, nationwide. LALA brings forth a line designed for the upcoming season in a monochromatic color palette of black and white. Each piece is unique in terms of the prints, patterns and embroideries.


Iznik s latest luxurious *Chinon* collection


Iznik’s latest luxurious *Chinon* collection which is inspired from femininity and elegance bringing a refreshing experience to traditional styles with a modern interpretation of classic patterns and trends
Now available in at all leading store nationwide and online
#IznikFashion #ChinonVolumeIII #Iznik #LuxuryChiffon #EidCollection @iznikfashion #socialincpr @owais.misbah @sohaib.muzammil