Go Big or Go Home: Ace Choreographer, Hasan Rizvi s Journey to Sweet Success

Q1. Briefly tell us about your background. Where you grew up, education etc? 

Born in London, I grew up in Lagos, Nigeria, Karachi, Pakistan and Dubai, UAE. I did my honours in Economics from York University in Canada and did my minor in Hip Hop. I learnt professional Bhangra and Bollywood from an Indian troupe called ‘South Asian Alliance.’

Q2. How did you enter into the dance choreography business? 

I always had a passion to dance and hence took my minor in Hip Hop. Upon my return to Pakistan in 2007 the vacuum was disturbing. With zero recreational facilities it seemed like the ideal treat to Pakistan.

Q3. Can you tell us a story/moment or your favourite performance over the years? Something that you recall very fondly. 

My favourite performance is yet to come. All my performances so far haven fallen short to my expectation.

Q4. We hear that you are all set to plunge into the big acting world. What movies are you working on? 

Currently working on Wajahats latest movie. Also in conversation with Azaan for his upcoming movie.

Q5. What made you chose this project after several years of remaining in the choreography business? 

It was the next logical step and also inevitable.

Q6. Your excessive weight loss regime is quite fascinating. Can you tell us a bit about your diet and work outs? What kept you so motivated? 

The decision to become healthy or to loose weight must come from within. Nothing else can motivate you than you yourself. Ive been taking a high impact program at BBRC called BodyMakeOver along with following the diet plans.

Q7. Who inspires you from the acting world locally and internationally? 

Actors usually find their genres and stick to them. Yasir’s witty personality has made him widely recognised for his comedy rolls. While Fawad and Shaan’s ability to romance is wow.

Q8. What struggles did you overcome in order to make a career as a dance choreographer?

8 years ago it was a stigma and coming from a business family, it was most definitely frowned upon. It didn’t seem like a career to begin with. But I was passionate about it and kept myself motivated in times of adversity. It wasn’t until very recently that it has actually become respectable in Pakistan.

Q9. Especially in a society where people have rigid mindsets, how were you able to make others understand and accept this field of work?

My sole aim was to make dance respectable in Pakistan. So far so good!

Q10. What advice would you give to newcomers who want to pursue their dancing passion but are scared to do so? 

Be very afraid. Its very difficult to come, stay and be successful in this industry. Its cut throat and competitive. Go big or go home!

Q11. Tell us a bit about your future plans. The movies you’re planning on doing, the role you will be playing, the movie launch etc. 

One of the movies, Lahore Se Agay, is set o release on Eid. Im doing a lead performance in the title track along with a supporting role. Im hoping that it’s appreciated as much as Karachi sey Lahore.

Q11. Will dancing/choreography take a backseat when you’re busy acting?

Never! Every actor has a unique quality, mine will be the ability to break into moves.

Q12. Anything else you’d like to mention for the younger generation out there? 

Believe in your dreams!

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