Designer Duo Bringing in Diverse Design Aesthetics to Bridal Wear

Tis is the season for merry dancing and celebrating the union of two

kindred souls.  Weddings!

There are many aspects of the day that requires great attention but
one thing that is the most prominent is the dress. It is the attire
that will either make it or break it for the bride.

Even though the market for bridal wear is competitive and no doubt saturated, only a few truly stand out. Khadija&Ubaid, great designer dou are well versed in the art of designing beautiful bridals and formals. Their mission – to make the bride shine and shine
Operating from their chic new studio, Khadija & Ubaid offer a magical

experience for the bride to be, giving personal time and catering to the needs of the customer as demanded.

There is nothing that you want they can’t do. But what they also offer is a
beautiful marriage of two very diverse design aesthetics. Khadija
bringing in the bold and colorful designs from Africa, where she was
raised and Ubaid using his extensive knowledge of sub continental
design philosophy in his designs. Team Brides&You wishes them all the best!

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