Spicy Thai Salad

Ingredients for Salad:

Iceberg                                 1 cup roughly cut into small pieces

Cabbage                              1 cup julienne cut (match stick cut)

Carrots                                 1 cup julienne cut

Cucumbers                         1 cup julienne cut

Onions                                  1 cup julienne cut

Tomatoes seeded            1 cup julienne cut

Canned bean sprouts     1 cup ( optional)

Chicken (cubed)                1 cup

Ingredients for seasoning:

Green chillies                     2

Fresh green coriander    1 cup

Fresh green mint leaves 1 cup

Crushed peanuts              2 tbsp

Sesame oil                           2 tbsp

Water                                   ½ cup

Salt                                         ½ tea spoon

Red chilies                           ½ tea spoon

(roughly crushed)

Crisp fried samosa wraps              1 cup

(patti strips)

(Samosa wraps are easily available at any super market. Cut them in match stick style and fry.)


Mix all the ingredients of salad together.

Just before serving top with seasoning paste.

Garnish with fresh coriander leaves.

Add a handful of samosa patti crisps and serve immediately.


Don’t mix crisps along with other ingredients or they will turn soggy.

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