8 Ways You Can Lose Weight Effectively amp; Properly Through 180 Degrees Bootcamp

Posted on October 9, 2016 by Editorial Team Bridesandyou

In recent years, Lahore has seen a fitness fad take the city by storm and even though many seemed to believe it was a temporary craze, the phenomenon is here to stay. Today, more and more people are dedicated to changing their lifestyle and these high intensity boot camps are helping people do just that.

Off the many boot camps, challenges, specialized trainings, power yoga or dance classes and more, we at Brides&You found 180 Degrees boot camp to be the most beneficial. After trying out a fair number of classes and methods of getting fit, 180 Degrees emerged as the clear winner. Here are 8 reasons why this boot camp is effective and invigorating:

1) It is 6 weeks of intense workout training but starts at a slow place to build up stamina

Once a person enrolls in the 6-week training program, they will start off by learning how to do the exercises first. For someone who has not been to the gym in ages, will finish the program knowing how to do at least 20 to 30 push-ups in one go. This way, the body gets accustomed to the exercises at its own speed, there is reduced risk of injury and stamina builds up.

2) Both workouts and meal plans are covered. (And there is no ‘Diet’ involved.)

Bootcamp itself is a lifestyle change- it is not just exercise. One cannot expect to get fit and healthy only by working out. Daily intake of food plays an integral role. The program in fact encourages its participants to eating a lot more than usual but it should be the right combination of foods.

“Control your meals by having smaller portions. We promote 5 meals in a day that is enough to last you for 3 to 4 hours,” said Umar Jahanzaeb, the owner of 180 Degrees.

3) You start losing weight in inches first. Primary goal of the program is to make you feel fit and healthy

Lahore is set to host its 9th bootcamp in Lahore and so far, the team at 180 Degrees has trained 2500 to 3000 people already. Many keep coming back for the same reason: they feel energetic and healthy. Most often the training program is good enough to keep a person fit for the whole year.

The session gets the workouts, meal plans and cleansing day covered. During the six weeks, participants are advised to drink cleansing juices one day that helps in revitalizing the body and has a lot of positives. Ingredients of the juices and meal plans further help in weight loss, increase your overall health and much more.

4) There is a sense of belonging to a fitness society. A lot of camaraderie and a support group

Loosing weight and choosing to eat healthy in a city that is sprawling with restaurants offering a wide variety of yummy and fatty foods can definitely be hard. Some get the cravings of late night McDonalds while others want desserts and chocolate.

The trainers and participants are constantly in touch through groups on Facebook/Whatsapp. If a client writes in the group about an unhealthy craving, there will be 10 people stopping and unsupportive of such a decision. Further, the group is there to answer all inquiries promptly.

5) The workout itself is thoroughly enjoyable as it is outdoors in a beautiful location

 The concept of 180 Degrees bootcamp came about when the partners used to work out together and felt there was boredom and monotony. They wanted something outdoor for a change. This session classes take place in a beautiful, open green lawn in Lahore which itself is very refreshing. A change of environment from the usual indoor gymnasiums makes it all the more fun. Plus, the great music is adds another oomph to the outdoor ambiance making one feel more energetic.

It is also the only program that is happening on the ground and it is easy on the knees. There is also ample parking space that makes it easily accessible.

6) Exercises include complete body workouts and a record of transitions over the course of 6 weeks is kept for motivation

The trainers have kept Mondays as the assessment day that proves to be an additional motivation factor. The results after every week’s classes show how much one has achieved. The complete body workouts manage to reduce ample amount of inches especially along the waistlines.

7) Trainers are fully certified and size of a group class is limited to concentrate on certain number of people per trainer.  

“We have a cut off per trainer so that proper time is given to each individual participant. We only have certified and authentic trainers who know how to cover all loopholes,” said Umar Jahanzaeb.

Trainers are CPR trained and protocols are followed with first aid emergency certification. Furthermore, they show up to class every day. Their approach towards clients is personalized. If a participant is lagging or does not show up for class, they follow up.

8) People who remain consistent are guaranteed to see results. 99.9% success rate

“180 degrees is a complete flip of what you were. 360 degrees is a full circle so you just come to where you started. 180 Degrees is pointing towards a different you.”

If one shows up for class everyday and follow the meal plans, the boot camp is guaranteed to work. Also, there is a prize in the end!

The next bootcamp in Lahore starts in October. Get yourself enrolled before the slots fill up and attain the ideal body you’ve been craving for!

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