GAIˊA – Delightful Japanese Cuisine And More

‘Gaia’, a fine dining Japenese Fusion restaurant recently opened up at Phase 5, DHA at the back of Jalal Sons. It is the first restaurant to offer Japanese Fusion cuisine. Others such as Wasabi, Sakura (P.C), Fujiyama (Avari) offer only Japanese food, not a fusion.

‘Gaia’ a word taken from the Greek mythology means ‘earth.’ The interior takes its inspiration from its name. The walls are mud-coloured with the white crockery complementing the subtle earthy hues. The ambience is pleasant and comfortable. Food in served in the finest of crockery. The table is laid in the most beautiful manner-crisp white dishes and napkins and crystal stem glasses give it a neat and sleek look.

The restaurant opens for lunch at 12:30 pm and dinner between 7-12 for the entire week. It has a limited menu, but the dishes are amazing. The food is a fusion of several cuisines, namely Peruvian, Thai, Chinese, Italian and of course Japanese. The ingredients are imported which is the reason for the high quality of taste. The food is carefully prepared and well-presented. Amongst the hottest selling dishes is ‘Miso Black Cod’, “Ceviches” and “Tataki” all of which are a form of fish. ‘Gaia’ imports its fish from Dubai on a daily basis, so it is completely fresh. ‘Tataki’ is a method of preparing fish or meat. There are 2 types of ‘tataki’- cooked and uncooked. ‘Tataki’ is a form of modern Japanese cuisine whilst ‘Ceviches’ is of Peruvian origin.

Gaia takes its concept from international Japanese Fusion restaurants such as Coya, Nobu, Zuma and Novikov. It is the first such restaurant in Lahore that offers a unique, creative and innovative menu. In terms of price, ambience, quality and variety of food it is perhaps rated at the top. These are the major factors setting it apart from its competitors. It has gained utmost popularity since its inception. Not a day goes by when it does not see customers.

Japanese cuisine is a delicacy and requires utmost finesse and skill to prepare it. Hence, it is expensive. Only food lovers would know the worth behind its price. The menu has salads and starters, main course meals with desserts and cocktails. The prices range from as low as Rs 300 to as high as Rs 2200, depending upon the kind of dish ordered. Although it seems costly yet when compared to its competitors such as Fujiyama and Sakura, Gaia offers prices which are slashed by at least 50%.

Gaia offers delicious cocktails. They are made using fresh fruit, especially with a variety of berries which are imported. The best cocktails are “Blueberry fresca” and “Yuzu Capri.” The deserts are exquisite and mouth-watering as well, such as the Yuzu Meringue Tart and Wasabi Panna Cotta. The desserts are a perfect way to end the meal.

On its opening ‘Gaia’ held a food tasting session where it offered free food to its visitors. It was attended by the cream of the society who found the experience absolutely fabulous and delightful.

At least one visit to ‘Gaia’ is a must for everyone. Even if you don’t like Japanese cuisine this reatsurant might just be the thing that changes your taste about that and you may go home feeling satisfied and happy.

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