Crimson Lawn Collection 2017

Solivagant, Luxury Lawn collection by Saira Shakira takes inspirations from the free-spirited woman who loves to wander. She has a gypsy soul and a vibrant hope for the unknown. The joy of getting lost, the thrilling strangeness of the new and the fearlessness to embrace unknown experiences define the Solivagant. The collection consists of 8 distinct designs in 2 color ways each. The design details highlight landscape inspired embroideries, mountains, water, surreal prints, Alice in Wonderland like patterns, exotic flora and gorgeous ancient relics. With vibrant silk dupattas, embellished add-ons and detailed embroideries in the most perfect summer colors, the collection has all the oomph of luxury wear and the practicality of lawn.

Model: Ayesha Omar
Photographer: Alee Hassan
Makeup: Hannan Siddique
PR: Aden Rehan PR and Management Solutions

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